Boston Celtics Are Headed in the Right Direction

After a rocky start, the Boston Celtics are moving forward.

It’s been a disappointing first quarter of the season for the Boston Celtics fanbase. Injuries have taken their toll on a team who came into this season with high expectations.  We’re now just starting to see the impact Al Horford is having, and boy is that guy worth his contract.  Isaiah Thomas is proving his All-Star season last year wasn’t a fluke, and Avery Bradley is making a strong bid for his first All-Star appearance.

Let’s give Brad Stevens a break, he hasn’t had the greatest talent in the world to work with. When Horford was injured, it hurt this team more than people thought it would.  Stevens did the best he could to weather the storm, and now hopefully can really unlock the potential this club has.  One guy who’s starting to develop well under him?

Terry Rozier

It’s his second year, but his confidence is through the roof and he’s helped out this team more than anyone thought he would.  He’s a great defender, and his offensive game has taken a huge leap.  The more consistent his minutes are, the better he’s going to be for this Celtics team.

Let’s not forget Jaylen Brown either.  The rookie seems like he’s finding his footing, and the more I see him play, the more I hope Danny can find a way to keep him in a C’s uniform.  He could be their star in the making.  Brown has no shortage of confidence, and just like Rozier, if he gets consistent minutes it can only help him.

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The second half against the Charlotte Hornets was the turning point for this season.  I really think that the team finally started to gel, and that 105-95 win against the Miami Heat on Sunday night proved it.  Yes it was a messy end to the game, but for majority of that matchup the Celtics looked like they did last year.  Defensive pressure, steals, confidence brimming out of guys.

It’s all coming together, just sit back and watch.

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