Celtics deny they wore all black on purpose for a potential closeout Game 6 vs. Wizards

The Boston Celtics came to Washington dressed to eliminate a playoff foe, then denied it was intentional.

The all-black pregame attire would seem like a response to Washington dressing the same way before a Jan. 24th game against Boston — a move prompted by a Jan. 11 game between the two teams that turned physical.

However, the Celtics denied they were all dressed the same on purpose (via ESPN.com):

“I think it just happened, that everybody just happened to be wearing it, maybe,” Celtics guard Avery Bradley said. “I don’t know. Yeah, everybody just, I don’t know. It wasn’t planned. Kind of weird. I didn’t notice it until people started saying something about it.”

“Really, I wear black every game, to be honest,” said Bradley. “So I don’t know. [Terry Rozier] pointed it out to me. I didn’t realize it.”

Teammates at neighboring lockers struggled to stifle laughter as Gerald Green was grilled on the subject.

“I had nothing to do with it, I swear, I don’t know why you’re asking me, I swear,” Green said.

Boston coach Brad Stevens didn’t get the memo (if the memo ever existed, wink-wink), as he arrived in a grey suit. When asked about the Celtics’ sartorial decision, Stevens joked he wasn’t on the players’ group text chain — by design.

At least one member of the franchise was willing to admit to doing something on purpose on Friday night.