Blake Griffin, DeAndre Jordan take their talents to a ‘Space Jam’ live reading

While a sequel to 'Space Jam' may never happen, a live reading of the original featuring Blake Griffin and DeAndre Jordan already has.

Evan Agostini/Getty Images

So let’s talk about a real "Space Jam" re-enactment that actually just happened, featuring two of the league’s brightest stars.

The University of California-Berkeley hosted a live reading of the original script Sunday night, according to Next Impulse Sports, and it featured Los Angeles Clippers star Blake Griffin, his teammate DeAndre Jordan and a bunch of Hollywood actors.

It’s not entirely clear who was portraying each character, but Bleacher Report and Hollywood Paroxysm say Griffin himself was voicing the lead role, portrayed by M.J. in the original film, and that D.J. took on the part of Charles Barkley. The video below — posted to Instagram by @oceana_roll — would seem to confirm Griffin’s role, but sadly we don’t have any footage yet of DeAndre Jordan imitating Barkley:

Actor Seth Green is wearing bunny ears in the video, so our best bet is that he delivered Bugs Bunny’s lines. And actor Nick Kroll ("The League," "The Kroll Show") sounds a lot like Daffy Duck there.

It’s all conjecture at this point, but we can’t wait for the full video to emerge. And hey, if a sequel does ever get the green light and LeBron is busy, maybe Blake could fill in?