Barea says pressure has shifted to Houston

J.J. Barea has a championship ring, which basically gives him the right to say whatever he wants, whenever he feels like it. Earlier today, Dallas' point guard did just that, evoking his team's 2011 title as a source of motivation.

Here's The Dallas Mornings News' Brad Townsend with more:

"'We’ve been through situations like this,' said Barea, speaking of himself and fellow 2011 title team/current Mavericks Dirk Nowitzki and Tyson Chandler. Barea also stated that he believes Dallas’ Game 4 victory shifted the pressure to Houston."

This is much different from what took place four years ago. Nowitzki is older, and not nearly the same offensive weapon. Same goes for Chandler. The Mavericks also aren't nearly as deep as they were. 

But good on Barea for not giving up. He's been the underdog before, and showed he can come through when the world doubts him. Let's see if he can do it again.

(h/t: The Dallas Morning News)

Photo Credit: Jerome Miron/USA TODAY Sports