Dominique Wilkins gets his very own street in Atlanta

The only thing cooler than telling your friends to meet you at a street named in your honor? Actually being Dominique Wilkins.

John Bazemore/AP

The Atlanta Hawks are set to honor the greatest player in team history, Dominique Wilkins, with a 9-ton statue in front of Philips Arena on Friday. Now, statues are great. You can take pictures in front of them, and they’ll last long after a person has passed from this mortal coil. But wouldn’t it be something to have a street named after you?

Someone as awesome as the Human Highlight Film deserves both, after all. And on Thursday, the city of Atlanta named the street in front of the arena after Wilkins.

Nice touch, Atlanta, calling ‘Nique’s street a lane. Any chance we could get it painted like the lane on a court, too?