Iguodala leaves Warriors fans hangin’

Andre Iguodala wasn’t necessarily comprehensive Thursday night. He did just enough to win — and that extended beyond the Warriors’ 116-115 victory over the Thunder.

Iguodala got himself a special spot in Golden State’s heart by saving the Warriors’ skin with a baseline 16-footer with 2.3 seconds left. The Warriors had just fallen behind on a Russell Westbrook back-breaker on the other end, but Iguodala caught the inbounds pass on the next possession, turned, planted and buried the dagger.

Iguodala then took his game to the sidelines, high-fiving some delirious fans. But just as his 14-point night was far from a dominant, complete performance (with the final shot redeeming his night of work), his high-five tour didn’t exactly wrap up all loose ends.

Iguodala made some fans’ nights, but as Klay Thompson jumped on his back to celebrate the victory, he turned away from what may have been the most excited guys on the sideline. They were left, hands in the air, as their hero took his game face and wheeled away:

Kudos to the two dudes who followed through on the high-five anyway.

Tom Brady still has our favorite missed high-five of the year though.