All-Star Weekend Is the Break Every Brooklyn Nets Fan Needs

 Brooklyn Nets fans have suffered a lot this season. Their team has the worst record in the NBA and has yet to earn their first home win of 2017. Luckily, Nets fans will get a much-deserved break with the upcoming All-Star Weekend.

NBA All-Star Weekend is coming up, and while the Brooklyn Nets don’t have much to cheer about at this point in the season, this break could actually serve as good news.

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The Nets, unsurprisingly, will not have any players participating in any of the NBA’s All-Star festivities. Brooklyn has not had an All-Star since the 2013-14 season, when the ever-lethal Joe Johnson was still on the squad. If you’re wondering about Mr. Nets, Brook Lopez, he was named an All-Star in 2013, but only as a replacement to the injured Rajon Rondo.

This year, the one Net that will be on the floor of the Smoothie King Center is Chris McCullough, who was selected to play in the D-League All-Star Game. That’s better than nothing, considering the current state of the Nets, but I think we’d all agree that wins are preferred to players getting All-Star selections. And to tug at some Nets fans’ heartstrings, former Nets Yogi Ferrell and the lesser-known Cory Jefferson and Justin Harper will make appearances as well.

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Nevertheless, if you’re not tuning into the D-League All-Star Game, there will be little to no reminders of the Nets in All-Star Weekend. Who couldn’t use a break from Nets basketball if they’ve hung around with the team all season?

The biggest beneficiary of this fact is the fans because they won’t have to anxiously watch Brooklyn struggle in another second half meltdown or crack under pressure in a tight matchup. Instead, they’ll get to witness the sights of four Golden State Warriors taking the court at the same time, young talent not named Caris LeVert or Isaiah Whitehead playing in the Rising Stars Challenge, and an odd big man-dominated Skills Challenge. How exciting, compared to many of the Nets’ games this year.

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Furthermore, due to the impending All-Star Weekend, the Nets only have two games this week, which occur in the front-end of the week. Both are home games — they host the Memphis Grizzlies on Monday, and the Milwaukee Bucks on Wednesday. These contests will leave us with aching hearts not only because they’ll likely not result in wins (until the final buzzer sounds for Brooklyn’s second win of 2017, I won’t believe it for one second), but also because of the returns of former Nets Vince Carter and Jason Kidd.

However, we can rejoice in the fact that an imminent winless week will only hold two games, instead of three or four. Plus, the Nets’ week finishes two days before All-Star Weekend commences, so we can sit back and relax early, while sipping hot chocolate in rather high temperatures for this time of year.

Additionally, the Nets get a nine-day break between Wednesday’s game and their following game against the Denver Nuggets, which takes place next Friday. That’ll give them plenty of time to regroup, and hopefully, by then, we’ll hear some good news about Jeremy Lin. Boy, this team (and fans) could sure use a break, both literally and figuratively, and All-Star weekend will provide it.

We can continue to drown in our sorrows about no Nets taking part in NBA All-Star Weekend, or we can just take the time off from Nets basketball that we all desperately need. I’ll settle for the latter.

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