The Air Jordan 1 was released on this day in 1985 – let’s celebrate, WWE-style

The most iconic shoe in NBA history – maybe in shoe history – first hit the market on this day 35 years ago.

The Air Jordan I comes equipped with a tale as old as time: It was originally banned by the NBA because the shoes didn’t align with the uniform rules put in place by the league.

Of course, Nike capitalized on the banning of the shoes and the legendary Air Jordan line was born.

And today, in celebration of the AJ1, we ran across a unique Twitter thread that not only sparked nostalgia – it reminded us that WrestleMania 36 is on the horizon.

Shawn Michaels Sport GIF by WWE - Find & Share on GIPHY

Who better to celebrate Michael Jordan and WrestleMania with than “The Heartbreak Kid” Shawn Michaels?

Allow us to explain.

Michaels became legendary for his elaborate entrances and arrogant approach to the sport.

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But as you can see, his outfits were also the stuff of legend.

So before @YungLittlefoot went to bed on Tuesday evening, apparently she had the brilliant idea to merge MJ and HBK.

And the results are incredible.

Littlefoot got us started with the most iconic Jordan of them all: the ‘Bred’ 1. And she matched it with Michaels’ classic red heartbreak tights.

‘Bred’ is a combination of the words ‘black’ and ‘red.’ You’ll realize that multiple Jordan shoes are referred to as ‘Breds,’ but the ‘Bred’ 1s are the original.

Next, the ‘Bred Toe’: the whole shoe isn’t black and red, but the toe is.

Given Michaels’ “Heartbreak Kid” moniker, many of his outfits incorporated a red color scheme, mixed with black and white. This just so happens to work for this comparison game considering Jordan played for the Chicago Bulls, who also use a black, red and white color scheme.

However, no shoe line can mix colors up quite like the Air Jordan line, and often times, red would be swapped for a distinct royal blue on some of Jordan’s most popular sneakers.

Here, we have the Satin “Royal” 1s, paired with what looks to be a tiger design on HBK’s tights.

Now, designs like the Satin “Royal” are specifically part of the Jordan retro line, which incorporates new colors and materials on original Jordan silhouettes. 

Jordan never played in the Satin version of his Jordan 1s, and he never played in these either: the ‘Gold Toe’ 1s. 

These are hot, just like Michaels’ white, black and gold heartbreak tights.

Some Jordans have a unique design story behind them, such as the ‘Top 3’ 1s.

These represent a mixture of the ‘Bred’ 1s, ‘Royal’ 1s and ‘Chicago’ 1s. Google each to get gist of it. 

As you can see, Michaels’ tights in this one are showing love to the state of Texas – he grew up in San Antonio. 

Next, we have a really unique take on the Jordan 1 with the ‘Retro Defining Moments Celtics’ colorway. These were an ode to Jordan’s 63-point outburst against Boston in Game 2 of the First Round of the 1986 NBA playoffs. 

HBK is seen here at a different point in his career, where he was no longer so much of a solo act. He was a founding member of the wrestling stable known as ‘D-Generation X,’ and their color scheme was green, black and white.

Some Jordans go out on the limb, and that’s the case with our next pair.

On this female-specific high-top Jordan 1, pony hair makes an appearance, while Michaels dazzles with the white tiger vibes for this matching vest and pant ensemble.

That was a fun one. 

And so are these next two.

We warned you that some Jordans go out on the limb, but we didn’t warn you that Michaels does, too. 

This specific pair is a collaboration effort with Japanese fashion house Commes des Garcons – and as you can see, HBK is just collaborating with buckles and leather. 

And last but not least, the Jordan 1 ‘Camo Pack.’

In this one, Michaels has ditched the sex appeal and gone for more of a rugged look.

You know what they say: Get you someone who can do both.

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Huge, incredible, over-the-top shoutout to @YungLittlefoot.

You made our day.