After tough loss, LeBron at least sports ‘Happy’ hat

LeBron James talks into microphones, recounting the Heat's loss Friday. Pharrell Williams sings into his mic, performing "Happy" at the Oscars.

via Twitter: @WallaceNBA_ESPN / Kevin Winter

Once it hits you that, after Friday night’s game, LeBron James was wearing the kind of hat sported by Pharrell Williams to sing "Happy," you have this immediate thought: What the heck did LeBron have to be happy about?

His Miami Heat had just lost a double-overtime game to the Minnesota Timberwolves 122-121. The Heat had wasted a chance to open a little daylight between them and the Indiana Pacers, who lost Friday night, on top of the Eastern Conference.

Instead, they remained virtually tied. And James didn’t get to take the last shot of the game for the Heat. Instead, Ray Allen tossed up a wild shot as time ran out.

"It’s a little frustrating," said James, who scored 34 in the loss. "I’m a little over it right now, but right after the game I was a little frustrated."

Maybe it was the hat making him feel better.