After Knicks dog it, Jackson leaves to walk his pooch

Knicks president Phil Jackson could not have been happy Tuesday night.  

Brad Penner/Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

After watching his teams dog it on the court for three-plus quarters, Phil Jackson had seen enough.

His old team, whose roster was filled with none of the star quality it had when he was there, shredded his new team. The Lakers routed the Knicks 127-96 in a game where the hoop looked more like the broad side of a barn.

The Lakers also scored a franchise record 51 points in the third quarter. Throw in the second quarter and the Lakers tallied 87 over two periods – just nine fewer than the Knicks scored in four combined. None of the great Laker teams had ever matched this feat, yet this rag-tag bunch managed to do it. 

“Fifty-one points,” Jackson told The New York Times. “When it’s 35 points you start to get worried. When it’s a 51-point quarter, that’s really awful.”

It’s hard to argue with the man when Xavier Henry (22 points) and Kent Bazemore (18 points) light up your squad.

So, with just under nine minutes to go in the fourth, Jackson had seen enough, according to The Times:

It was hard to disagree with Jackson’s choice. What he picked up after his dog is a lot like what he saw at the Staples Center. 

That was for sure. FOX Sports 1’s Mike Francesa couldn’t agree more. Listen to what he had to say about the “worst quarter of basketball in Knicks history” to the Lakers.