A Special Thanks to the Readers of Valley of the Suns!!

Thank You to all of the Readers of Valley of the Suns!!

With all of the many sports sites on the interweb fighting for your views and clicks, we are honored that you come to FanSided and Valley of the Suns for our extensive opinions and analysis about your Phoenix Suns.

First and foremost we are a site dedicated to the thoughts and opinions of you, the biggest and most intense Phoenix Suns fans out there. Valley of the Suns is truly Fansided and is a site where we too share our opinions because they are the opinions of fans, just like you. We live and breath the Phoenix Suns and Valley of the Suns is a sanctuary for rabid fans to come and use us as an outlet to share your opinions with the rest of Phoenix Suns fandom.

Yet beyond that we also strive to provide statistical information about the Phoenix Suns on every game and about every player that you will not find anywhere else. We break down statistics searching for hidden trends, patterns, and analytical explanations to what all fans are seeing on the court – each moreso than anyone else. But we also go the extra mile by comparing what we see on the court now, to how other Phoenix Suns teams have fared in the past.

With the Phoenix Suns franchise inching closer to their Golden Anniversary of 50 seasons in the NBA next year, we breakdown the history of the Phoenix Suns in detail not found anywhere else. We present the kind of information and analysis about the entire history of the Phoenix Suns, something that truly sets Valley of the Suns apart from every other website you may sift through.

As we move forward we sincerely appreciate your dedication to the Phoenix Suns and we reciprocate in earnest. It is you, the avid Suns fans who read and comment on our work that inspires us to push further into the depths of opinions and analysis providing readers with information that cannot be found anywhere else. It is you who is our driving force, and it is providing you with information for you to share with your rabid Suns fan friends that pushes us.

So, as 2016 comes to a close and 2017 begins, from all of us at Valley of the Suns:

THANK YOU for making us your destination for Phoenix Suns news, opinions, and analysis. We sincerely appreciate your dedication and look forward to continuing to provide you with information not found anywhere else, but most importantly, for hearing from you.

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