A Spark From a Familiar Face

The Boston Celtics Are Finally Getting the Spark they Need from Green

Gerald Green probably didn’t expect his second go-around with the Boston Celtics to be filled with consistent DNP-CDs.Green went through a stretch in which he didn’t see the court in 14 out of 18 games. However, he has kept a positive attitude on the bench throughout the season. He has been a terrific teammate.

Brad Stevens via South Coast Today:

“The one thing that I’ve been really impressed with on Gerald,” Stevens said before Tuesday night’s game against the Memphis Grizzlies at TD Garden, “through all the ups and downs of injuries and not playing, is that he’s been very consistent in support of his team. He’s not only there and quiet in the locker room (about not playing), but also loud on the bench, active on the bench.”

“I knew that (would be the case) coming in. I had watched that pretty close (when he was) in Miami last year. Things tend to work out when you have that type of spirit about you.”

Coming into Tuesday’s match up with Memphis, Green scored eight points in 12 minutes in a win over the Knicks on Christmas Day. The last time he had scored eight points was on November sixth in a big loss to the Nuggets. The majority of his playing time this year has been a product of blow out games, he hasn’t played many meaningful minutes. Well, that definitely changed on Tuesday Night at TD Garden. Green had a season high 19 points off the bench going 7-10 from the field, and 3-5 from three-point range. In his last two games, he is 10-16 from the field, and 5-8 from downtown. He was a huge spark off the bench for the Celtics in the Grizzlies win. He brought energy, created extra possessions, and hit big shots.

There is no doubt that he has landed significant playing time for future games. His productivity has been great, and he definitely earned every minute Tuesday night. With the inconsistencies of Jaylen Brown and Terry Rozier, Stevens has elected to give Green more minutes. Green even got a standing ovation from the Celtics fans for his efforts last night. Lets look for Green to continue his hot shooting in Cleveland.

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