2016 Put the Cleveland Cavaliers on Top of the NBA, 2017 Could Tear Them Down

The Cleveland Cavaliers had one of the most memorable years in 2016, but did it hype them up just so that 2017 could tear them down?

The entire year of 2016 was, for the most part, amazing for the Cleveland Cavaliers. To recap, they sweep the first two rounds of the playoffs, and then as we all know, came back from a 3-1 lead against the Golden State Warriors.

It doesn’t stop there. They continued it into this season. Up until the new year, this team was 25-7. To top that, they saw Kyrie Irving drop an unbelievable turn around jumper on the Golden State Warriors on Christmas Day.

2016 was incredible; it could have been the best year for any NBA team in the history of the NBA– don’t quote me on that.

2016 elevated this team to the pinnacle of the NBA, and now 2017 will tear them back down. After turmoil struck in the form of J.R. Smith going down for a couple months, the Cavs went 7-8 in January. They lost to both the Spurs and Warriors in that span. LeBron is upset, and it seems like they are searching everywhere but internally for an upgrade.

This NBA season is much of the same. The Cavaliers have been dominating the East, and the Raptors are a close second. While the East is a much more competitive field, most think and believe that the Cavs-Warriors Finals rivalry will continue.

This is how the Cavaliers may get torn down. While they returned all of their key role players, the addition of Kevin Durant may pummel any Cleveland hope. Their are high hopes for the Cavaliers, but the current turmoil lend most fans to scratch their heads, and I believe it is the just the start.

Last year was great, but this year, let’s just say it will be interesting and that is for sure!

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