Chase Elliott holds off Denny Hamlin for second career win | 2018 DOVER

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NASCAR Cup Series Highlights: Chase Elliott holds off Denny Hamlin in overtime at Dover to win his second career race.

DALE EARNHARDT JR: I think if the 9 clears the 11 before turn one, he's got a shot. If the 11 is still on his door going into turn one, it's going to be tough for the 9 to win this race.

RICK ALLEN: Will the decision to go to the outside line on the restart work out? Over time presented by Credit One Bank underway.

JEFF BURTON: Eric Jones pushing.

DALE EARNHARDT JR: The 11's getting a push, too, by the 22.

RICK ALLEN: The 9, trying to forge ahead. The 11 staying tough. Elliot has the lead,--

JEFF BURTON: Great job by Chase Elliott.

RICK ALLEN: --coming out of two.

JEFF BURTON: Great job.

SPOTTER (ON RADIO): Make him drive around you. Stick your corner.

RICK ALLEN: Side by side for third. Logano and Eric Jones continue to fight for that spot. Chase Elliott looking for the white flag. One more time around at Dover.

JEFF BURTON: Lock that thing on the bottom.

RICK ALLEN: A hungry Denny Hamlin in the 11. He'll have one more shot. Down the backstretch, can he close the gap enough? Chase Elliott, looking for his second career win.

SPOTTER (ON RADIO): Still three and a half.

RICK ALLEN: Out of turn four, Chase Elliott is going to win at the Monster Mile.

CHASE ELLIOTT (ON RADIO): Hell, yeah, baby. Wrapping around the curve, yes!

SPEAKER (ON RADIO): That's what I was talking about. That's how you do [INAUDIBLE] right there.

RICK ALLEN: You saw a smiling--

RICK HENDRICK (ON RADIO): I'm so proud of you.

RICK ALLEN: --Rick Hendrick, a smiling Jeff Gordon, and I'm sure the smiles are going to be very large.

CHASE ELLIOTT (ON RADIO): Thank you guys. You did a hell of a job. Way to not give up today.

RICK ALLEN: Chase Elliott.

ALAN GUSTAFSON: Your burnout,--

RICK ALLEN: And by the way,--

ALAN GUSTAFSON: You should have plenty of gas in it. I want to see a burnout.

RICK ALLEN: --if you're back in Dawsonville near The Pool Room, listen for the siren.

This moment presented by Sunoco, fueling victories all season long.

Chase Elliott wins in the Monster Energy Cup Series playoffs. And a win means you're on to the next round.


PA ANNOUNCER: Well, race fans, he's out of the car.

RICK ALLEN: He's on top of the car.

DALE EARNHARDT JR: He's pumped up, man.

PA ANNOUNCER: --and his team. Chase Elliott celebrates the win.

DALE EARNHARDT JR: It's a big, big win for these guys.

RICK ALLEN: And remember, Chase Elliott a year ago, two years ago, Chase Elliott always so hard on himself because of restarts. He lost a couple races because he didn't have good restarts. Well, today he has a great restart.