Multiple playoff contenders taken out in big late wreck | 2018 DOVER

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NASCAR Cup Series Highlights: Multiple playoff contenders including Aric Almirola and Brad Keselowski are caught up in a big late wreck at Dover.

DALE EARNHARDT JR: Good restart by the 9. He's going to be clear.

JEFF BURTON: Keselowski spun his tires. Watch what the 11 and the 10 do. To the top with the 10, three wide.

RICK ALLEN: There they go. Here comes the 11 of Denny Hamlin. He brings the 10 of Aric Amirola.

DALE EARNHARDT JR: Oh, oh, got a wreck.

RICK ALLEN: Amirola hit the wall. Into the wall, then into the 2. The 2 goes around. The caution is going to come out again.

SPOTTER (ON RADIO): Caution is out. Back it down easy.

DALE EARNHARDT JR: Alex Bowman collected as the 2 car of Brad Keselowski sideways on the straightaway.

JEFF BURTON: Aric Amirola just digging hard, trying to make something happen, trying to get that win.

DALE EARNHARDT JR: Yeah, he was running that high side. Come off the corner. Got a little close to the wall. Came down off the wall into the 2. Look at the damage.

RICK ALLEN: There's some damage. Yeah, there's definitely some damage on the 10.

JEFF BURTON: These are all playoff guys. We just saw--

STEVE LETARTE: Big damage, oh.

JEFF BURTON: This is crazy how this is all playoff guys, racing each other, wrecking each other, taking points.

DALE EARNHARDT JR: He's just going as hard as he can. He knows he has to push, and you've seen the car get out from under him. Get in the fence. Come down into the 2, trying to correct his car. Back into the outside wall hard with the right front. That's a tough hit for the 10 car. The 78--

STEVE LETARTE: That's big contact for the 78.


JEFF BURTON: And then Harvick got on by.

RICK ALLEN: How about the 4 of Harvick getting by.

JEFF BURTON: 18 got by.

DALE EARNHARDT JR: Tough, tough deal for the 88 crew. They were kind of putting themselves in position for maybe a top 10 finish.

RICK ALLEN: Fought hard, all day long.

STEVE LETARTE: At other racetracks I think more cars get by. There's more room to move around. But that's it, right. The 78, the 88, that's it. There's no more real estate. You can only go to the bottom of the concrete.

DALE EARNHARDT JR: The Monster. I'm telling you.

STEVE LETARTE: Look at the 12.

RICK ALLEN: Yeah, the 12 of Blaney.

JEFF BURTON: That's two weeks in a row.

DALE EARNHARDT JR: --coming off his car.

JEFF BURTON: Look at that, right there. You see that, the 10 car, that bump, Jr, off of two. As soon as he rode through that bump, that's what I think upset his car.