McReynolds’ Rant: Give the 2019 aero package a chance before you complain about it

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In this edition of McReynolds' Rant, Larry McReynolds tells everyone why they should give the 2019 rules package a chance before complaining about it.

- John, I know we won't see this package till next year, but I'll tell you. I like what they've done. I know for the fans, you all might be saying, oh, great, another rule change by NASCAR. And that's what really chaps old Larry Mac.

The minute NASCAR announced this this week for 2019, people immediately started shooting holes in it and criticized it. Come on, people. Pump the brakes, give it a chance. Even the drivers who love to complain, they're optimistic.

- I think all of us sometimes are really scared of change, whether it's the 2019 package or when you hear the Roval. You're always thinking, I want to do that. Or we're scared of it, and what we got is great. And what we got is great, but how we got here is by taking chances and by making changes.

- I know we talked about it a lot in the Drivers Council deal, and the RTA has been a part of it. And I feel like we all kind of came to a conclusion. And that's what they went with. And you know, I'm behind it 100%.

- There's certain racetracks that it's going to bode really well for I think, and it's going to be a positive. And there's probably some others that it might not be that way, but we'll have to give it a wait and see kind of mentality, and find out as we go.

- I think there's been a couple great races that have shown that that package puts on a great show. And I think we'd be naive to think that it's just going to be awesome everywhere, but there's a big attempt being made to improve the quality of racing. And I support making our sport stronger.

- Jimmie Johnson is right. For the most part, we will see better racing, and also more passing, like we saw at the All-Star race back in May. That's what you really want. Right? Plus, it's simple. We will not have different sized spoilers, front spinners at different tracks any more. The cars will all have the same aero look at every single track we go to, from Martinsville to even Talladega, consistency finally. Not to mention, getting rid of the restrictor plates, which I know the fans will love.

Listen to old Larry Mac. I promise you, this will be a great move by NASCAR. For you, the fans, give it a chance, and stop the whining. I love our fans' passion, but they're not even giving it a chance. They're already complaining about it.

- And a different kind of whine. But, you know, two things we got to look at here, Larry. First of all, the fans love the action they saw at the All-Star race, and also, what's necessarily good for the fans is not necessarily good for the drivers. They never tend to meet up.

- Well, I think Kyle Busch hit the nail on the head. Is it absolutely the perfect package for all 24 tracks we go to? Probably not, but I think the bigger tracks, which is what we're looking to improve the product, I think it's going to be awesome, just like at Charlotte in May.

- I think the consistency in what they've done is making it to the point where the drivers and the teams can go out and work on their stuff and get it right. And I mean, I applaud NASCAR for being consistent about it. And at the same time, not everyone's going to be happy with it, but I do think it's going to give better racing for the fans.

- I just want to agree with Larry, because he kind of scares me.

- Do I make you nervous?

- You make me a little bit, yeah.

- I'm worried about your blood pressure, buddy. That's all.

- Bobby was last weekend.

- Last weekend, yeah.

- And remember, nothing's ever going to be perfect, especially when it comes to a sport as big as NASCAR.

- Not even my blood pressure.

- Yeah.