Christopher Bell wins at Dover | 2018 NASCAR XFINITY SERIES

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NASCAR Xfinity Series Highlights: Christopher Bell wins his sixth race of the year at Dover and sets the record for wins by a rookie in the Xfinity Series.

COMMENTATOR 1: Now just three laps to go. Three laps, three positions. You'd have to get at least a spot a lap. And someone has a problem in front of him.

COMMENTATOR 2: Had a big run down the back straight.

COMMENTATOR 1: Working the high line. Annett running strong down at the bottom, though. Two laps to go.


Austin Cindric. Matt Tifft right now three points ahead of the four of Ross Chastain.

COMMENTATOR 3: That's right. Here's the race leader. The 20 of Christopher Bell takes the white flag.

COMMENTATOR 1: It's one lap to go, presented by Credit One Bank, for Christopher Bell. And Christopher Bell looking for his sixth win of 2018. And as a rookie, this will be the most wins ever in a season by a rookie. Christopher Bell coming out of turn four. He will win at the Monster Mile.

CHRISTOPHER BELL: Awesome car, guys. Awesome car. Thank you.


COMMENTATOR 1: And the playoff picture will end for Ross Chastain. And Christopher Bell looking for another championship. Not in the Xfinity Series. He's got one in the truck series now, wanting to add his name in the Xfinity Series column as far as champion. As he burns it down up against the wall.