Ryan Blaney snatches last-second win after leaders wreck | 2018 CHARLOTTE ROVAL

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Jimmie Johnson spins out, taking leader Martin Truex Jr. out before the finish line and giving Ryan Blaney a win at Charlotte Motor Speedway ROVAL.

ANNOUNCER: And a tiebreaker between the 10 and the 88 would go to the 10 of Almirola.

ANNOUNCER: Almirola caught those two guys side by side. Unfortunately for him-- oh, an aggressive move. Is this going to work?

ANNOUNCER: Final lap, the 10 making contact with Suarez. The 8 almost goes around, able to save it.

ANNOUNCER: That pass for Bowman over Elliott puts him in.

ANNOUNCER: And Almirola passing Suarez will eliminate the 42, I believe, as we have a race for the lead on the right side of the screen.

ANNOUNCER: 42 drops below the cutoff line. Now the race for the win on the right side.

ANNOUNCER: I think Jimmie Johnson-- oh, big, big wreck, big wreck. Almirola made it through. I think Jimmie Johnson has enough points. He could push the issue right here. We had a lot people have problems.

ANNOUNCER: The fight for the win, the fight for the playoff transfer.

ANNOUNCER: He's going to have to come out of this chicane, turn 12. He's going to have to come out of there on the back bumper of that 78 to make a move in the breaking zone of 16 and 17.

ANNOUNCER: Yeah, so the 48's only 7 points to the goods so he may--

ANNOUNCER: He's there.

ANNOUNCER: --be able to afford it but.

ANNOUNCER: Look, he's there. What a great corner.

ANNOUNCER: Here they come through the final banked curve at Charlott Roval. Now he goes to the inside. Here comes Jimmie Johnson, locks the brakes up.

ANNOUNCER: Oh, he's spinning.

ANNOUNCER: He slides through the middle. Truex gets tagged. Now it's be a fight for the finish line. Ryan Blaney in the 12 will win.

ANNOUNCER: He stopped. He came to a full stop to make sure that he was good with NASCAR. Where's he going to fit it?


ANNOUNCER: --extricating himself. And let's have another tremendous ovation for this kid who fought it out all afternoon. And surprise of surprises--