Kasey Kahne breaks down Charlotte ROVAL with Larry McReynolds

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Kasey Kahne gives Larry McReynolds an in-depth look at the ROVAL as he takes a look at the track corner by corner.

It's 109 laps, 2.28-mile ROVAL, 17 turns. I'm not going to give you a quiz, but I'm going to challenge you to take us for a lap around this ROVAL, Kasey.

- All right. Sounds good.

- You can tell this is live TV, right?

- Right.

- All right. So this is coming down the front stretch, entering the road course here at term one.

- Yeah, so depending on a start-- a restart changes this all up. But this is very narrow through here, wall on each side. The track that you're coming-- here, you want a little bit of wide entry. But the banking also falls off the wrong direction through there to get loose.

Another corner comes up quick. Get out over the rumble strips here. And this a second gear straightaway.

- Not much shifting at all.

- No, not really. Off-banking again here to try to get to this tight right-hander to get a good angle down the hill here. The car is light around so much of the infield at the track, just because of the banking being off.

This is a key spot to get up on the track. Real easy to get tight right there and lose the front end. If you can keep it and get up through the gears quicker and get to the backstretch chicane, which is-- I think this is a pretty key spot on the racetrack.

- Yeah, we saw speeds in practice-- 170 miles per hour. And here it is-- the backstretch chicane-- no way to run through there side by side.

- Not side by side. But you try to, like, slow down the least amount through there, you know, and just carry as much speed through there as possible. Through here, you're really on the racetrack. The cars are trying to be as low as possible for the best turn and the most rear grip. So you're dragging the track a good bit through there.

And then come right into the highest breaking point of the whole track, which is really rough, getting onto the apron, and then over through here, through 16, 17, and back to the start-finish. So just a tough track to get ahold of a lot-- there's not a lot of grip on the front of the car or the rear of the car around the whole track.

- Yeah, I'd say a lot's going to happen in that final chicane on the front straightaway.