Bubba Wallace gets airborne in massive practice crash | 2018 CHARLOTTE ROVAL

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NASCAR Cup Series Highlights: Bubba Wallace gets airborne and suffers major damage after slamming the wall on the backstretch chicane.

- Oh--

- He's been one of the fastest.

- Bubba Wallace with a massive hit there, Steve.

- Yes, he did not have a good day yesterday and the bad weekend continues. The difference is we were expecting to see maybe a couple spin-outs for Bubba Wallace but this is a KO, this will not be a return to the action. Man, it's heavy, heavy contact on that left front. See the window net down?

- Glad to see he's OK. That is a big impact--

- Yeah.


- --trying to find it. This is one of the things about a new track is there's not a lot of reference spots. I'm trying to figure out exactly where he is.

- Looks like he is over there by Turn 3, sort of the entrance to Turn 3, maybe.

- Let's take a look, he-- oh, he just gets loose and he's--

- Oh--

- --nowhere to go.

- --man. Oh, wow.

- And that's a moment that you're thankful that wall is designed to move.

- Yes, correct.

- Oh, man. Huge impact there, and Steve, you've mentioned that that backstretch chicane is so inviting because it just-- it invites you to carry so much speed through there.

- Well, it invites you and it's required. I mean, everybody I've talked about says-- this'll be a good shot at it right here, real-time.

- Wow.

- So you know, it's inviting, and what people have told me is that if you give up a little there, it costs you all the way around NASCAR 3 and 4, so-- and this is what I've been waiting to see is how quickly this can be repaired.