McReynolds’ Rant: ‘Drivers need to stop complaining about the ROVAL.’

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In this edition of McReynolds' Rant, Larry McReynolds sounds off on drivers complaining about the ROVAL before there's even been a race run on it.

- Well, for the first time this year, Watkins Glen does not mark the end of the road course season. Next month, we will head to Charlotte and run its version of a road course. So how does that sit with Larry Mac? It's time now for McReynolds' Rant.

- Well, can you believe that Watkins Glen will not be the last road course race this season? For the first time ever, there will be a road course in the playoffs. The third race of the playoffs will be at the Charlotte road course. We call it the ROVAL. And you know what really chaps Larry Mac? It's drivers being negative about the ROVAL, and we've not even run a race there yet.

Hey, pop the brakes, people. I applaud NASCAR and Charlotte Motor Speedway for stepping out of the box and trying something new. I will say this, though. I maybe would have preferred to see us run this track back in May for the All-Star race and run one of our current road courses in the playoffs. That makes a little more sense to me. And I don't agree that this race, because it's new, should be a cut-off race in the playoffs. But guess what? When it's all said and done, it's the same for every run.

I realize, based on the testing there, it's going to be a challenge for the team and the drivers. But the last I checked, that's what you drivers get paid to do. If it was easy, ol' Larry Mac would be doing it. So stop your whining. And you know what? When the checkered flag waves there for that race, there's going to be one driver that ends up loving it. I promise you that.

Moan, groan, complain. Moan, groan, complain. I'm about at the end of my rope.

- Larry, let's remember two things that are very important, two facts. First of all, let's remember that if NASCAR always did the same thing and didn't change, it never would have evolved into the sport it is right now. But also remember the second thing about things that are different, the Titanic was different.

- That's exactly right. And Larry, I'm going to tell you, your rants kind of scare me.


When you're done, I'm thinking, I'm not going to argue with Larry about anything he's saying right now. I agree with you.

But I want to tell you one thing about the ROVAL. I got to drive around it the other day in a pace car, Toyota pace car. And when you're coming up on the banks to go into turn one and around, you're driving straight at a massive grandstand. I've never seen anything like it. It's going to be such a cool--

- But should it be in the playoffs?

- I don't care. Put it anywhere you want. I think anything that's different is fun.

- It's the same for everybody.

- True.

- It's the same for everybody. And it just kills me that people want to shoot it down and we've not even been there yet. Give it a chance.

- To me, that's the biggest problem is shooting it down before we've even been there. Let's go race this race. Let's run it, let's see what happens with it, and then go from there. I agreed with everything in Larry's rant. And by the way, you're a little calmer this week. I like that, you're just a little bit more than last week. I just thought he was calmer this week.

- Don't ask me about drivers racing each other hard.

- But I agreed with everything except one part. I am perfectly fine with it being a cut-off race.

- Me too.

- These guys get paid a lot of money to go out there and drive race cars. And they try and win races. Make it a cutoff. I'm fine with that.

- Is your blood pressure OK?

- It's good. It's good.

- Gentlemen, which--

- I don't know. Can you check your own blood pressure?

- I think you can, Larry.