AJ Allmendinger: ‘Nobody puts more pressure on me than me.’

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AJ Allmendinger talks about the amount of pressure he puts on himself to win every week, especially when the circuit hits a road course.

AJ ALLMENDINGER: Bring it to me, baby. Bring it! Yeah! Woo-hoo! Yeah! Yeah! Love you, guys! Thank you!

Especially after 14, 15, and 16, I went in there with such a mindset of if we didn't win, I'd let everybody down.

All right, boys, just like last year. You guys just do what you do, and we'll be fine.

There's a lot of pressure, just because we know the potential of what can happen there.

Sorry, men. I don't think it's going to happen today. I just don't have the speed.

CREW (ON RADIO): It's all right, man, stay here. We'll be all right.

AJ ALLMENDINGER: That car just died.

RACE ANNOUNCER: AJ Allmendinger appears to be stopped on the race track.

- In the past, I've just let them feel that. And I feel like it put everybody on edge a little bit.

I shut everything off. Nothing. Can we have something not break for once?

RACE ANNOUNCER: AJ Allmendinger goes way wide.

CREW (ON RADIO): You're all clear here.

AJ ALLMENDINGER: Thank you, Rhythm. We're all good.

The biggest thing I've always wanted my-- anybody that's ever worked with me to know is how much I care.

Trying to do everything I can out here.

How much I care to be out there, how hard I try.

CREW (ON RADIO): Why don't we try it now?

AJ ALLMENDINGER: It's hot, you know.

How much I care about the effort that they put into it.

CREW (ON RADIO): Too fast.


They know. They see the pressure I put on myself. As soon as I walk into those race tracks, whether it's Sonoma or Watkins Glen, I would get tense, my mood would change. I would be probably a little bit on edge, a little irritated already nothing's even happened.

I think that's what I'm trying to be better at is is in the past, that pressure, as I rolled into practice, started from the first lap on the race track. You just get a little bit off. And all of a sudden, it seems like the day's over and you're going into the race day with a lot of questions, a lot of unknowns. And it makes it hard to win a race like that.

Nobody puts more pressure on myself than I do, but I'm trying to be a little bit better about that and just go into Watkins Glen with the mindset just-- just do my best and whatever happens happens.

RACE ANNOUNCER: NASCAR at Sonoma. This is not an easy place to master nor to win.

RACE ANNOUNCER: Get AJ Allmendinger in position with 5:10 to go on a restart, watch out.

RACE ANNOUNCER: Allmendinger with a four second lead. For the first time, AJ Allmendinger is a stage winner.


RACE ANNOUNCER: Allmendinger.

RACE ANNOUNCER: That sounds terminal.

RACE ANNOUNCER: AJ had just come on the radio. He said, guys, I blew it up.

AJ ALLMENDINGER: That's on me, guys.

I'd like to say that I've forgotten about it. But that mistake will live with me for a long time. You know, I just try to focus on what I did there and to make sure I never make that mistake again of missing a shift. On the 47 side, we know the road course races are a great chance to win and just have a great result. Ultimately, we know there's speed in the race car. We know the big three are going to be the big three again there.

I look at it is David versus Goliath. No different than every year that we show up there. So I want to take down the top in our sport because I feel like when I'm at my best, I'm just as good as anybody out there, and this is a race track that I can show that. So we'll go do it.