Joey Logano wins at Watkins Glen | 2018 NASCAR XFINITY SERIES

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NASCAR Xfinity Series Highlights: Brad Keselowski spins late going for the lead, handing the win to teammate Joey Logano.

JEFF BURTON: A lot of pressure right here. It looks like to me Logano's car has gotten loose. So in the middle of the corners where Keselowski wants to apply a lot of pressure, almost touching him, almost moving him out of the way. Right here if he could get a run, trying to out brake him into one, just not to run he needed.

RICK ALLEN: These two horses have definitely put on a show today. Three to go. Out front Logano. Can he hang on? Keselowski has put all the pressure he can on the young teammate.

JEFF BURTON: Oh, look out.

RICK ALLEN: He goes around. Keselowski--

SPOTTER (ON RADIO): He spun out your mirror.

RICK ALLEN: --trying too hard, --

SPOTTER (ON RADIO): He spun out.

RICK ALLEN: --he spins.

SPOTTER (ON RADIO): No pressure. No pressure.

RICK ALLEN: Logano continues to pull away. No caution has come out as Keselowski will get it fired. He'll keep going. Logano now his closest competitor, Algaier, is four seconds behind him. Coming to the white flag, one lap to go, presented by Credit One Bank, for Joey Logano.

STEVE LETARTE: Nice clean entry into turn one. He knows he has some distance out the back. Now it's just time to take care of this 22 car. One more circuit for Joey Logano.

MIKE BAGLEY: He's got one more lap around Watkins Glen to drive that into victory lane. His black and red Ford up through the S's for the final time. All he's got to do is string together some perfect laps, and that's exactly what he's doing so far. He has just left turn four, and he's headed up the back straight away.


DALE EARNHARDT JR: Easy into the inter-loop here. Talk about emotions. A few laps ago he had somebody putting so much pressure on him, you didn't know whether he was going to be able to hold him off for the win. And you look up out of the mirror coming out of turn one, and it's empty. He cruises out of the carousel toward turn six.

JEFF BURTON: And what a great feeling when you have an opportunity as a race car driver to take the lead on a late race restart, man handle them and take it from them. That's what Joey Logano did, as he's coming to turn seven, the last corner of the race.

RICK ALLEN: Two previous wins at Watkins Glen in the Xfinity series, both starting from the pole. He did it again today. Started from the front, he'll finish up front. Logano wins at Watkins Glen.