Bubba Wallace signs multiyear extension with Richard Petty Motorsports

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Bubba Wallace and Richard Petty address the media center at Pocono Raceway to announce a multiyear contract extension.

- Hired him at the beginning of the season, and like a little bit of what he's doing. So I think we're going to hire him again for next year, basically, that's what--

- I had no idea what he was going to say. We talked about this in [INAUDIBLE]. He's like, I'll say whatever.

- Anyhow.

From our standpoint it gives us some stability. We're still learning from Bubba. Bubba's still learning this. We got a new car from last year. So our crew's learning that.

But we see improvements. Although a lot of times the finishes is not that much better. We're getting a little bit better. I figure if we finish up the year, get everybody together and get started again next year.

- Yeah. No. It's exciting for me. And it's funny. Dylan Smith. Anybody know-- I think everybody in here knows who Dylan Smith is, from Black Mamba. He had texted me-- I guess the news had broke out last week on Twitter. And he was like, wow. An announcement in July. That's never happened.

- I'd never thought about it. I was like, it never has. Our announcements are usually December, January, the week of Daytona. So this is pretty nice, definitely a stress-reliever knowing that we have a certain future ahead of us.

So it's been an incredible opportunity for us. I don't think-- coming into the season we didn't know what to expect. We had our expectations. But we've kind underperformed. And we both see that from both ends-- from my end and from the team end.

But we're all-- heads are all in the basket trying to come up with ways to be better and produce better results. So it's a great team to be a part of. Family-oriented sport. Family-oriented team.

So we have a blast each and every weekend at the racetrack, away from the racetrack. It's always a pleasure going to the race shop and just being with my guys and knowing that we're all in this together at the top level of NASCAR.

So first of all, thank the King here, the Moffitts, Andy Murstein, the whole Petty family, from Petty's Garage, everybody that's taken me under their wing. This is an incredible opportunity for me to go out and do what I've been doing for the last 15 years. So I think I got two more years with you.

- You look back, a lot of the drivers I've had is-- they've kind of went through their deal, and then we picked them up on the back end. We want to start out a little bit different. This time we're going to start out on the front end. So Bubba was a logical choice for us.

- Hell. I was asleep on my couch in Daytona when he comes barreling in my bus. He says, hey! We're going to do next two years with you. And I'm like, OK, great. That was it. Just like that.

- And he went back to sleep.

- I went back to sleep.