Dalton Sargeant incredibly doesn’t hit anything after spinning down the backstretch | 2018 TRUCK SERIES | FOX NASCAR

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NASCAR Camping World Truck Series Highlights: Dalton Sargeant spins down the backstretch after contact from Stewart Friesen and incredibly doesn't hit anything.

VINCE WELCH: Moffitt took a look at Gragson.

Oh! Now Sargeant gets sideways.

PIT CREW: Hold the brake. You're gonna be fine.


VINCE WELCH: Keeps it off the wall.

PIT CREW: And you are fine. Let it roll. Come on. Roll.

VINCE WELCH: You are fine.

Watch the 2 and 88. The 88, the neon truck there on the left-hand side of the screen.

ANNOUNCER: See. Cody Coughlin loose. Watch his hands inside of that truck.

VINCE WELCH: And then right in front of them is Dalton Sargeant getting sideways.

MICHAEL: He was battling alongside Stewart Friesen And it looked like maybe he lost the front end of the truck first, Vince, and made it push. And then as he got closer and closer to Friesen, the back end came around.

VINCE WELCH: Michael, we hear so often drivers talk about the front end of the truck just doesn't want to handle, especially in traffic. Why is that?

MICHAEL: Watch this. It's because of the bumps on the road. You see him move up right there? He's in trouble. And he knows it. Somehow he's able to get it semi-straight. You could see the contact to the left rear of the 52 truck of Friesen. And around he goes.

There's just no aero grip on those trucks, Vince, when they're in traffic. See how big that rear spoiler is? It just really hurts the handling.