Erik Jones spins and hits the wall after late restart | 2018 POCONO | FOX NASCAR

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NASCAR Cup Series Highlights: Erik Jones spins out and hits the pit wall after a late restart.

MALE ANNOUNCER: Harvick and Almirola have 18-lap better tires than the front row and Kevin Harvick.


MALE ANNOUNCER: Oh, we got one spinning.

MALE ANNOUNCER: Erik Jones. Erik Jones got turned into another car and into the wall. He and Joey Logano may have got together on that restart.

MALE ANNOUNCER: Now the question is going to be how do they score this?

MALE ANNOUNCER: There you see the 20 of Erik Jones way down on the inside.

MALE ANNOUNCER: Yeah, he's getting a push from-- so he jumps out. He's getting a push from the 22. And unfortunately when he jumps out, it looks like the 22's front bumper just clipped his right rear and spun him.

MALE ANNOUNCER: I don't know if Joey was pushing him or not.

MALE ANNOUNCER: Well, I mean pushing him to get to that inside line.

MALE ANNOUNCER: Pushing him around, I think.

MALE ANNOUNCER: And Joey told the spotter, please apologize to the 20.


MALE ANNOUNCER: Didn't mean to get into him like that.


MALE ANNOUNCER: Boy, that almost turned around Ryan Newman as well.

MALE ANNOUNCER: Yeah, Newman got a little damage out of that as well.

MALE ANNOUNCER: Daniel Suarez gets the free pass. Who was it on the last caution? I believe it was wh-- well, let me not check.