Kyle Busch says his next goal is the Daytona 500 after now winning at every track

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Kyle Busch checks in with 'NASCAR Raceday' to talk about his new goals including a win in the Daytona 500 now that he's won at every track.

- Kyle Busch, thanks for being with us.

- Of course.

- Getting ready to roll.

- Thank you.

- Hey, we got-- you've won everywhere now. The only driver to win on every current track. And we put together, since there isn't an established trophy, if you took all the tracks and laid them on top of each other.


CHRIS MYERS: And you check them all off your list, you'd have that. And that looks like what's on the new Monster Energy NASCAR Sprint Cup Championship trophy. I know you have one of those. So you'd like another one.

- Well, I have the Sprint Cup version of that one. I want the Monster Energy Cup version of that one. So, yeah, that's certainly a really, really cool trophy. And when they came out with that one, it kind of put in my mind, I'm like, man, I definitely got to have that one. But check this out, it's got all the tracks on there. And I haven't won that one yet.

CHRIS MYERS: Oh, you thought that.

- I haven't won at that one yet. But now we've got those last two checked off the list. And it's all said and done. So, yeah, bring it on.

CHRIS MYERS: Bring it on.

JEFF GORDON: I mean what's ne-- you've been winning so much. You know, you've set so many different records. I know you wanted that cup at the end of the season. And you almost got it last year. But what's next? I heard you say something about maybe the Daytona 500 is one on your list.

- Yeah, absolutely. I mean, if you're looking at, in order, kind of like what's next? What's the next track that we go to? The roval, obviously. I'm not sure what the class--

CHRIS MYERS: Oh, we'll count that for you.

- What exactly is.

DARRELL WALTRIP: We haven't even run that thing yet.

- I know, right? Yeah, so you haven't won that one yet. I'm, like, well, nobody has won there yet. But, yeah, of course, the Daytona 500, that's one that's the top of the list obviously. I've won at Daytona in the July race. But I've won the duel races there, the shootout there, but I've not won the Daytona 500 there. So hopefully we can get that accomplished and checked off the list as well to just have everything done. And then everything after that, the next 10 years, whatever it's going to be that I race for is just icing on the cake.

DARRELL WALTRIP: Well, speaking of icing on the cake. I'm sure you brought the same car this week you had last week, right?

- I'm pretty sure we did not.

- That car was awesome last week.

- It was. It was.

- But you know, I've heard you say this. I haven't-- not so much--

- It's probably already out of date.

- Oh, yeah, it probably is.

- Yeah.

DARRELL WALTRIP: It can't get through the OSS. But I tell you, I've heard you say this. And I haven't heard it so much lately. The haters are the motivators.

- Uh-huh.

- Do you still thrive on that? Does that still push you along, motivate you?

- Absolutely. I think any noise obviously does. I think what's cool about it, though, is in our sport you've got the nayers and the sayers. And with the haters, obviously, they're the motivators. But also you want to go out there, and when you do win or you do accomplish cool things, you're always receptive to your fan base and those that support you. And obviously giving them praises for supporting you for so long, and hey, this one's for you. This is awesome. This is us collectively. This is what we're all about. This is what we do. So it's been pretty cool to see the turning of the tide, if you will, a little bit.

- I agree. I agree.

- You know, it's not all at once. It takes time. Jeff knows this. You probably know this. But--

- A little bit.

- It's certainly fun. Any time we go out there and put up numbers or put up stats or win races, stuff like that, it's cool.

CHRIS MYERS: Along those lines, have you adjusted your personality, Kyle? Or have people adjusted to who you are?

- I think both. I think ever since 2015, going through the injury and going through having a son with Brexton and just sitting on the sidelines for a while and kind of giving a better appreciation for what you do, what we do, and being able to go to the race weekend every weekend and get to the racetrack. So I think that that's all kind of changed. And you look at things a little bit different perspective a little bit different light. But, man, when you put that helmet on and you get to the racetrack, it's still about business. It's still about going out there and performing and being able to win.

JEFF GORDON: Kyle, we seem to be building up to quite a battle between you and Kevin Harvick. You know, it seems like one week you guys are the best. The next week they're the best. I think between the two of you, you have nine wins already this season. So do you see that-- is today the day? Will we see guys go head to head? Or when do you think it's going to happen? And are they the best team or are you the best team?

- I don't care to say whether or not I am or they are. I think we both have our strengths. You know, when we look back at this season so far, it's kind of been they either have it and we're not quite there. Or we have it and they're not quite there. Phoenix may be the most-- the closest that we ran together where we were kind of battling it out. And then we had an issue on pit road and lost that one. But overall, they whipped us at Vegas and then at Atlanta. But we did it last week at Charlotte and a couple others. So it's fun to kind of have that little bit of rivalry going back and forth. It's neat. Years ago, it was really dirty and a bit ugly. But now more so this year and the past couple of years--

- More respectful.

- It's been a lot more--

- Cleaned it up, yeah.

- --respectful and it's been a lot more cleaned up.

- So far anyway.

- It's been good. We kind of ran head to head, toe to toe, if you will, here last year when I won. Harvick was leading. And he had a pretty good, really good car. And we did a little bit different pit strategy. And then we were able to come out. We raced him. I actually bumped him for the lead in passing him in turn three. And we were able to go on and score the win in that one. So we've seen it a little bit. And if we want to see it again today, hopefully, it's the 18 that's up front.

DARRELL WALTRIP: You know, I've seen you do some amazing things in your pretty short career. Winning all three races at Bristol, Truck, Xfinity, and Cup in the same weekend, that is amazing in and of itself. I saw you last week. You ran almost 900 miles at Charlotte. But every time you get out of the car, whether it was after that 600 mile race last Sunday night, you get out of the car, you look like you're ready for another race. You never look tired. What do you do to stay in such good shape? What keeps you trimmed up the way you are?

- Well, a couple of years ago, I'd be honest, I looked down at the scale, and I saw 2-0 something. And I was, like, oh, that's got to stop. I'm over that. And Samantha and myself, she put me on a workout regimen. And this is why, right there. That's my workout regimen after the race is throwing little Brexton up in the air and having fun with him. But, of course, the older he gets, the bigger he gets, the less he's going to fly. So I've told him that. But he's still growing like a weed. But overall, just continuing to get in the gym each and every week and trying to eat a little bit better. I still, man, food's my favorite, right? I love eating, and of course, M&M's.

CHRIS MYERS: Wait until you get older.

- You know, M-- every sponsor I got on me I can eat pretty much. So it's a good problem to have. But, of course, just getting in the gym, trying to stay fit. Samantha's a really, really big key to that and making sure that I keep as best of shape as I can.

- Yeah, and those diet M&Ms are terrific, I'm telling you.

- Absolutely, every one of them.

- And congrats on the Xfinity win here yesterday.

- Thank you.

- He wins everywhere at every series. So we love watching your race. Thanks very much for coming in.

- No problem, of course, pleasure.

- All right.