Bubba Wallace talks about returning to Pocono one year after his Cup debut

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Bubba Wallace checks in with 'NASCAR Raceday' to talk about returning to the track where he made his Cup debut and first start with RPM.

FEMALE ANNOUNCER: The biggest moment in Bubba Wallace's career.

MALE ANNOUNCER: His first ever start in the Cup Series where he finished 26th.

BUBBA WALLACE: I'm still in shock and I'm racing for the--

MALE ANNOUNCER: In his first full time drive, finishes his first Daytona 500 in second place.

MALE ANNOUNCER: There's a guy who just oozes with personality.


MALE ANNOUNCER: Today, an eighth place finish here at Texas.

- Hell, yeah, we needed that.

MALE ANNOUNCER: Number 43 goes to the lead in Bristol. Oh, man, you know the King's got to be jumping up and down. Up and down. Up and down.

- Well, let's welcome him live from down on the track getting ready to go here in Pocono. There is Bubba. Bubba, thanks for being with us. Hey, past year, Cup level here. What's the most valuable thing that you have learned?

- Ah, still no need to be a hero like the King told me a year ago. So I'm still trying to live by that, not make any stupid mistakes to take us out of contention. But I'm just really having a lot of fun taking every step in stride in this Cup Series. It's a grueling and demanding schedule. And you go through a lot. So I'm excited to be where I'm at today. We're continuing to make gains with our program. And I'm looking forward to do that same thing today here at Pocono.

- Bubba, it's been so much fun to watch your progress. Tell me what your favorite moment has been since you become a Cup driver. I know the Daytona 500 was obviously huge. What else has been going on for you?

- Ah, that's tough. I mean, being at this level, you're definitely in the spotlight. You're definitely getting to enjoy all the things that, you know, walking through Saturday through the Xfinity Garage, you would see all the Cup guys doing their deal. And now you can say that you're finally here. And you're at the pinnacle level. So now it's no time to mess around. So we're out trying to get all we can from practice all the way to the race. So, I think just being here in the moment and enjoying it and trying to make the most of is probably the most fun thing for me.

- And speaking of that moment, last season after that race, you said there was uncertainty. And it was humbling for you. But this is the career you picked. Can you expound on that a little?

- Yeah, for sure. I mean, you never know what's going to happen. You never know when one door is going to open. You never know when that next one's going to open up. So, it's close to one of those feelings of being dejected. And you try so hard at everything you do to be successful. And then to come out on top, and when it's not good enough, you look around for an answer of what to do. So, for me, knowing that my Xfinity ride was being shut down and then we were climbing into the 43, it was, like, OK, here's a new moment for you. Here's a new door to go in and capitalize on. And I think we did that. We had some progressive runs all the way up until the last one at Kentucky. So we continued to get better. And we didn't know what was after that. We sat on the sidelines, had that truck race at Michigan that we were able to capitalize on, had the Xfinity race at Chicago that we did really great things with that car. So after that, I was on the phone every day, like, hey, let's start up a second car. Let's run the 44 car. Let's do whatever. And then when the 43 car came about, we definitely jumped on that. And just humbling time, a very thankful moment for everybody at RPM, Brian, Rebecca, the King, everybody that has made this possible. It's been a journey that's worthwhile.

- Well, thanks very much, Bubba. Good luck today, all right?

- Thank you. I appreciate it.

- All right, we know you'll be having a good time no matter what.