Kyle Larson talks wreck with Joey Logano, restrictor plate racing | 2018 All-STAR RACE | FOX NASCAR

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NASCAR Cup Series Highlights: Kyle Larson explains why he can’t be mad with Joey Logano for his ‘intentional’ wreck.

- Kyle Larson had that contact with Joey Logano I thought you were going to have a shot at winning this thing. You still ended up seventh, but I know it's not where you wanted be. How did you see the contact with the 22?

- Yeah, I mean I was just trying to carry as much throttle as I can, because the pack is pretty slow. And I just got really, really tight. I tried to bail. And yeah, I mean he tried to leave me as much room as he could. And I was trying to leave him room once I realized I wasn't really going to make the corner, and shoved him in the wall, and he obviously retaliated. But I mean, is what it is I guess. I want to be frustrated because I got wrecked on purpose, but I put him in the fence too.

But all in all, I hate to admit it, but the package was kind of fun at times anyways. I'd hate to go this slow every week. But I think for select tracks it was pretty good. I think here in Charlotte it was fun. And I'm not really sure what other tracks it would be good at right now. But for my seat it was a good time. Tough to pass-- you try and pull off to the bottom, and you get hung out down there if you couldn't clear the guy, and there'd be a line of them behind you. And you have to find a hole get back into.

And I didn't feel like we had nearly the speed the 78 had especially, and then 18. And then the four was pretty good. He had a really good restart there when I think I got inside Denny maybe. So that allowed him to get the win there I felt like. But if I ever could have just got the lead, you never really know how my car would've been out in clean air. But handling wise it was good. [INAUDIBLE] was good, but speed wise it was a little off.