Kyle Busch & other top contender taken out in multi-car wreck | 2018 All-STAR RACE | FOX NASCAR

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NASCAR Cup Series Highlights: Kyle Busch, Martin Truex Jr., and Brad Keselowski are among those caught up in a big late wreck.

MIKE JOY: Ryan Newman up the middle.

DARRELL WALTRIP: Oh, my gosh. How many cars can go in that turn at once? Four-- four-wide! Oh, no!

MIKE JOY: And into the wall--

DARRELL WALTRIP: No, no, no, no.

MIKE JOY: --goes Kurt Busch, Truex, and more. Bowyer all torn up. Keselowski.

DARRELL WALTRIP: Mercy, mercy.

MIKE JOY: Oh, overtime.

JEFF GORDON: Well, we know as we get closer to those million dollars and that last lap--

MIKE JOY: Well, how many rows of four-wide can you fit in turn three?

DARRELL WALTRIP: That's what I was saying.

JEFF GORDON: The intensity picks up, and you just stop giving and start taking.

DARRELL WALTRIP: Look at this. Here we are. Four-wide.

JEFF GORDON: How crazy is that, we're talking about four-wide at Charlotte in the All-Star race?

DARRELL WALTRIP: Still four-wide. Contact. Then Stenhouse gets into 78. 78 gets into 14, and it's on from there.

JEFF GORDON: Like I said, no give. You know, it's just, at this moment, when you start to get down to this part of the race, nobody gives an inch.

MIKE JOY: Wanna ride with Martin Truex? I would say not really, but let's.

SPOTTER: You're four-wide. Still four, still three. Hold it in there now. 17's inside, the inside.

JEFF GORDON: I mean, There may have been six inches that he could have moved to the right, but other than that, there's really not much Martin Truex, Jr. could have done.

DARRELL WALTRIP: You know what? The best speeding penalty someone could have gotten lately may have just gone to the 48 car on that last go around, because he was so far back, he didn't even get in it.

MIKE JOY: So 17 into 78 into 14 into the 3 into the 41 into the 18 into the 2. It would be easier to tell you who was not involved.

DARRELL WALTRIP: Keepin' on. Keepin' on.

MIKE JOY: We're gonna ride along with our Fox Visor Cam, Kurt Busch.

SPOTTER: All right, just one now. Very top of the 48. Top of three. OK, stay low and stay in the gas. Stay low. Stay in the gas. Low, low, low, low, low. Right in front of him. Comin' to you. Comin' to you

JEFF GORDON: Boy, that's a helpless feeling. If you're Kurt Busch, you're wide open right on the outside, you see a clear view ahead of you, and all of a sudden, it just closes up and starts to--