Johnny Sauter wins at Dover | 2018 TRUCK SERIES | FOX NASCAR

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NASCAR Camping World Truck Series Highlights: Johnny Sauter holds off Matt Crafton in overtime to win back-to-back races at Dover.

- The veterans. Going to try to settle it. Overtime, underway!

- And they are dead even.

RADIO: Tight. Real tight. Real tight. Real tight. Real tight.

- Sauter, coming back on the outside.

- Look at Haley, right there, in case these guys slip.

- Sauter, to the front, barely! Crafton, trying to come back. But Sauter's got it. The white flag for Johnny Sauter! Sauter, trying to go back to back at Dover. For the second time this season, after one of the season opener at Daytona, Johnny Sauter wins at Dover!

- And a beautiful sight, here at the Monster Mile. And even prettier in Victory Lane, right Hermie?

- Here he is. Johnny Sauter, for the second consecutive year, here at the Monster Mile. He drives his Chevy to Victory Lane.

- Johnny, I know nothing is supposed to come easy at this level of racing. But, you being 40 years old, and all, how tough was that on you to come back from that issue? And losing the lead, and getting it back, and driving this truck to Victory Lane?

JOHNNY SAUTER: Well, you just never give up. So, proud of Joe, and all these guys and GMS, and all the guys at the shop. Barry. All the guys in the fab shop. Finish Fab. I just, um. Tough week for the Gallagher family. This win's for Spencer. And he's a smart kid. He'll get it right. And I'm proud of him. And I'm just so proud of this team. GMS racing. Chevrolet.

Just everybody that helped us out. SunSeeker Resorts. We had to work for this one, today. Noah was-- I had a good run on him, there, and he squeezed me off. I was like, OK. Well, you just gave me the green light to be aggressive. So, yeah. This was just hard racing.

You know, we had a really good truck on long runs. And you know, that's just racing, right there. So, just proud of these guys. Proud of this pit crew. The pit crew was phenomenal today. These guys have picked us up spots all year, and um. Thank the sacred heart of Jesus, and the Blessed Mother, and today's another first Friday win for us, so praying for the poor souls in purgatory.