Bubba Wallace breaks down his laps lead with the No. 43

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Bubba Wallace talks with his crew chief Drew Blickensderfer on the strategy that led him to take the lead in Richmond and the emotions that followed soon after.

[MUSIC PLAYING] - Look at this battle for the lead up front. Bubba Wallace wants to lead this thing.

- Bubba! Go baby, go!

- That is impressive.

- Been a long time since the 43s just driven to the lead.

- Yes, yes. That's what a lot of people were saying. We didn't get the lead because of pit strategy, or because of something stupid. We went up there and took it.

- Yep.

- He had me clear off two, but he got loose and gave it to me. And I got a little bit of a run. And then our car was super good in that middle row, that second lap of the restart. But as you start to see-- like, I could wrap that corner so nice, I thought I was really good through there. And I'd be good, good, good, good, good, good, good, and can't get back down there, right through there.

- The 18 was probably the best car all day. And at that time, when I was scanning him, he was like, tell me where the weather is at, tell me where the weather is. So he was pushing hard here, because he knew it was--

- Close.

- --it was fairly close. Unfortunately, not close enough.

- No. I thought about that. I was like, man, what if it just downpours as soon as we took the lead. That would have been cool.

Devastated, absolutely devastated. I don't know what happened. I have no idea. My guys gave me an absolute great car. We went up there and led our first laps in the cup race, and I don't know where we went wrong.

- So I hear a sniffle, and I'm like, man, is he crying again? Come on, I don't want him to cry. I mean, I went back and watched. I was like, good. I was like, good. It's not winning that's so good, it's losing that stink so bad. So it's like, hey, winning is happy. Losing is so bad.

- It is, it is.

- It beats you up.

- It's took me-- I think it was Thursday, where I didn't think about it anymore.

- Yeah, we have had three good weeks. I mean, even through practice yesterday.

- Yeah.

- We are a much better team than we were before.