Jimmie Johnson on improving race performance: “Its great to finally have a result to back that up” | 2018 BRISTOL MOTOR SPEEDWAY | FOX NASCAR

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Jimmie Johnson had his best finish of the season at Bristol, coming in third place behind Kyle Busch and Kyle Larson.

- How big of a momentum booster is this for you and your team, as you're going ahead of some great tracks for you?

- Yeah, it really is a great boost. You know, I've said for weeks now that we're getting better, and it's great to finally have a result to back that up. We've had decent Fridays, some really good Saturdays, and then some bad luck in the races. And although we had plenty of bad luck through the course of our four or five days that we've been here, we were able to pull through and get a great, you know, third place finish.

So very proud of everybody at Hendrick Motorsports. I thank everybody on the slows to pros team, and my family know I'm coming home. Let's get home and get out here. It's snowing again.

REPORTER: You got it. Thank you, Jimmy.