Kyle Larson on losing lead to Kyle Busch at Bristol: “That gets frustrating after awhile” | 2018 BRISTOL | FOX NASCAR

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Kyle Larson discusses Kyle Busch’s late pass for the win at Bristol Motor Speedway.

- Let's hear it from the runner up. Matt.

MATT: P24, Kyle Larson. Now, the bump and run was put on you, but did your car just progressively get too free near the end?

- I was really, really good in that long run. And yeah, as soon as we restarted there, I was extremely loose. I mean, the 17 got to my inside. I just didn't really have any grip. And I thought it would tighten up for me and I could get going, but it never really did. And I was just really loose.

So I have that I didn't win. It's another one at Bristol. I feel like every time I race here, I almost get a win, but it was fun race. [INAUDIBLE] been beat by-- I've beat by Kyle about every time I race here, too. So that gets frustrating after a while.