Kyle Larson spins, loses lead after contact with Ryan Newman | 2018 BRISTOL | FOX NASCAR

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Kyle Larson spins after making contact with Ryan Newman and loses his lead. Larson drops to third by maintaining his speed in reverse.

- You've got two good grooves. The bottom groove is still usable. But that top groove is come in. And--

- Whoa. Newman turns Larson.

- Are you kidding me?

- I thought Larson came down on the 31, I'll be honest. I thought he cut it too close.

- I agree.

- Great job of keeping it out of the inside wall.

- Yeah, Jeff, I agree. Larson saw the lap traffic piling up kind of in front of him, clogging up, and he made a quick, very abrupt lane change, and got turned around.

- Watch this.

- So Newman gets a pretty decent run on the bottom.

- Yeah, see Kyle has been diving in that corner, up high then diving down low. Newman was there.

- It just all clogged up right there.

- But not to hit anything.

- Here's Ryan Newman's radio.

- He cut across my nose, I think that was obvious.

- You race your race. You're doing good.

- Let him know I'm sorry, but he can't just cut across my nose.

- Yeah, I agree with Newman.

- I agree.

- Newman didn't want to spin him.

- Just watch the rear tires, it's going back, back, back, back. But when it's about time to go forward, he jams it in gear, I guess, and he takes off and stays out of the wall.

- Sliding, sliding.

- Which way do I go?

- Accelerating. The car never came to a stop.

- No.

- Unbelievable. And that's how he can now be the third place car.

- That's unbelievable.