Cole Custer’s pit crew member catches on fire | 2018 NASCAR XFINITY SERIES | FOX NASCAR

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A minor fire broke out at Cole Custer’s pit, catching on crew member’s foot. No one was injured.

ANNOUNCER 1: Big fire down in their pit area. Jamie, what's the story with Cole Custer and his group?

JAMIE LITTLE: Well, you saw NASCAR with the fire extinguishers there. Look at the gas man. The far left side. His foot, left foot catches on fire. I just went over. That's Andrew Migliozzi. He said, "I didn't even know anything was happening." Those shoes that every crewman has to wear are fireproof. But he said, "I started to feel some heat and looked down and saw the flames." But he said, "no problem, I am good." They call him Mig, and he is one tough dude.

ANNOUNCER 1: Great job by everyone down there. The safety workers exactly where they need to be. And we're happy that everyone's OK.