Kyle Larson ends day with hard hit to the wall | 2018 TEXAS MOTOR SPEEDWAY | FOX NASCAR

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Kyle Larson took a heavy hit to the outside wall, ending his day early.

ANNOUNCER 1: Boy, this is exactly how this race ended the last time we were in Texas for the 42 of Kyle Larson in the wall.




ANNOUNCER 2: Oh, just-- that is-- oh my god. It just takes-- takes the breath right out you.

ANNOUNCER 1: So it goes up through the hood. Wow, look at the angle.

ANNOUNCER 3: Kyle, talk to us, buddy.

KYLE LARSON: Yeah, yeah. That was lovely.

ANNOUNCER 3: All right. 10-4. Just take your time here. Take your time. What a hit that was.

ANNOUNCER 1: Unbelievable hit by the 42 of Kyle Larson. First, are you OK?

- Yeah, I'm OK. Thankfully. Thanks NASCAR and their safety because that was a huge hit. So I'm just-- you know, hey, that-- blew right front there. I was pretty tight but didn't really expect to blow right front. Was, you know, restart up front there and was just really tight for a few laps. Then I actually got going pretty good.

Just needed to get by Joey there, and I felt like I was one of the faster cars out there. So I felt like we could have had a shot at the end of the race, but, you know, it was cut short.