Kyle Larson catches up with Darrell Waltrip

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Kyle Larson sits down with Darrell Waltrip to take a stroll down memory lane and to discuss his hobbies and family.

DARRELL WALTRIP: Hey. Look who it is.

KYLE LARSON: What's up?

DARRELL WALTRIP: I got company. I got somebody to talk to. I got somebody to shoot the breeze with. Come on in.

KYLE LARSON: It's good during the rain.

DARRELL WALTRIP: How are you, brother?

KYLE LARSON: I'm good.

DARRELL WALTRIP: Come in. Pull up a chair and let's talk.

KYLE LARSON: All right.

DARRELL WALTRIP: Do you remember the first interview you and I did?


DARRELL WALTRIP: Why you say, oh yeah.

KYLE LARSON: Because I talk about it all the time.

DARRELL WALTRIP: What did I tell you?

KYLE LARSON: You basically just pumped Austin Dillon up the whole interview and told me that I picked a bad year to come out as a rookie, so you motivated me to kick his butt every week, which I did, so thank you.

DARRELL WALTRIP: It's funny you said that because I told these guys that are doing this, I said, when you come in, I'm going to see if he remembers what I told him--

KYLE LARSON: I told my whole team before I headed up here.

DARRELL WALTRIP: Oh. That's so cool. I'm glad you remembered. And you have to admit now, I mean, I was just looking at the numbers and Austin was on the poll for the 500 that year.

KYLE LARSON: That doesn't mean anything.

DARRELL WALTRIP: You didn't have the best of starts that year, but then you came on pretty strong.

ANNOUNCER 1: Confidence is what Kyle Larson is feeling.

ANNOUNCER 2: Kyle Larson is the next Jimmy Johnson.

DARRELL WALTRIP: What are your long term goals?

KYLE LARSON: I'd always like to win a championship or two and you know, hey, if I won a championship or two earlier, my NASCAR career might be shorter. It's no secret that I love World of Outlaws and would love to finish my racing career racing with World of Outlaws. You know, I'm twice as old as I am now. But I'd like to be in the NASCAR Hall of Fame, as well as the Sprint Car Hall of Fame someday.

DARRELL WALTRIP: Your little guy Owen, what do you think? Is he going to make a racer?

KYLE LARSON: I don't know yet. You know, it's always hard to I think judge a three-year-old on what he's going to be into in a few years, but he'll definitely have the opportunity to try it. But he'll have the opportunity to kind of try whatever he wants. I don't know what he'll be good at, what he'll enjoy doing. Right now, I feel like he likes going to the race shop and kind of tinkering with the cars more than driving anything, which would be a little cheaper for me, so that would be all right.

DARRELL WALTRIP: So what's your favorite thing to do? You love to do what? You play golf?

KYLE LARSON: I'd say right now, I'm addicted to golf. I could golf every day, like your brother.

DARRELL WALTRIP: I don't understand. He plays every day and never gets any better. But I think you may be getting better. I'm not sure.

KYLE LARSON: I'm getting a little better. Michael's so inconsistent. On his good days, I'm not as good as him, but on his bad days, I'm way better than he is.

DARRELL WALTRIP: I heard you like to do karaoke.

KYLE LARSON: Sometimes, yeah. Maybe it's just my genetics, I guess, but.

DARRELL WALTRIP: Can you sing?

KYLE LARSON: Uh, get a handful of cocktails in me and I'll give it a go.

DARRELL WALTRIP: How come all of us have a couple of drinks, we think we can sing?

KYLE LARSON: A little liquid courage.

DARRELL WALTRIP: This interview went a whole lot better than our first one did.

KYLE LARSON: Yeah. I left pissed off last time.

DARRELL WALTRIP: I knew that day you did, so I just want to tell you right now that I'm apologizing for it. I was dead wrong. You've been one of the best drivers we've had in this sport for a long time.

KYLE LARSON: Thank you.

DARRELL WALTRIP: You're going to be a champion, and probably you could be this year. I don't know. But congratulations and I was wrong.

KYLE LARSON: Thank you.

DARRELL WALTRIP: I take it back.

KYLE LARSON: It's all good. Thanks.