Ryan Blaney wins at Texas Motor Speedway | 2018 NASCAR XFINITY SERIES | FOX NASCAR

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Ryan Blaney takes the checkered flag after dominating at Texas Motor Speedway, leading 132 of 200 laps.

ADAM ALEXANDER: One lap to go. Sponsored by Credit One Bank.

ANNOUNCER 1: That's a nice feeling, Adam. Not a lot out the front windshield, and nothing in your rear-view mirror as you head down into turn one for one last time.

ADAM ALEXANDER: Last win came at Dover in September.

ANNOUNCER 2: And such a good guy. Good family. I was teammates with his dad, Dave. And the neatest thing about him is this kid drives his butt off. He gets the most out of that race car each and every lap. And then when he gets out, he's not even wound up or anything, he's just pretty calm.

ADAM ALEXANDER: Ryan Blaney-- victory lane at Texas. Matt Yocum.

MATT YOCUM: First Keselowski, then Logano, now Ryan Blaney takes the 22 to victory lane. Three times you've finished second, now you finally scored the win. The only scary moment when it stepped out with you on the restart?

- Yeah, yeah, that was definitely the scared moment of the whole race. But I can't say enough about these guys. This Fitzgerald Glider Kits Mustang was amazing all weekend, really. And we got behind a little bit getting loose on that restart. And then, you know that there's different strategies in the second stage there. We kind of had to come from behind a little bit.

But the car was great, and pit stops were great all day. And couldn't ask more of this team. It's finally nice to win one here in Texas.

MATT YOCUM: You know, your celebration out on the front stretch-- always old school how you bring your car to the victory lane. Sort of a Polish victory lap, like Alan Kulwicki. But the memories that you make giving the flag to a young fan-- why is that so special to you? Because you can see what it means to them.

- Yeah, you can. You know, whenever you can see them up close and personal and see how excited everybody is to be here-- that's just a bonus for us. That makes us feel good. Makes us feel like we put on a really good show. And I appreciate everyone for sticking around. It was cold today for those watching. And they sat there the whole race.

And it was unbelievable how many kids were in the stands, and at the fence, and really cheering and pumped up. And hopefully they had a great time. You know, my main thing is trying to make a memory that last a lifetime for them. And hopefully this is a good start to it.

So thanks to everybody for coming out. And hopefully they're here for tomorrow's race as well.