Joey Logano wins as Kaz Grala wrecks | 2018 NASCAR XFINITY SERIES | FOX NASCAR

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NASCAR Xfinity Series Highlights: Joey Logano takes home a dominating win in California as Kaz Grala suffers a hard hit coming to the line.

ANNOUNCER: One lap to go, brought to you by Credit One Bank.

ANNOUNCER: You got to give credit to Joey today. He drove a great race. It's not over yet. Only one lap left. But you look at the scenario he's been put in multiple times with restarts on old tires, restarts with new tires, but in the back of the field. A lot of different scenarios and he's really, really excelled at them. He's [INAUDIBLE].

ANNOUNCER: No doubt about it. Can you say California dreaming? What a dominating performance. Joey Logano brings it back to the start finish line. He wins at Auto Club Speedway.

MAN (ON RADIO): That's what I'm talking about. Feels good to finally win again.

ANNOUNCER: Oh, wreck on the front stretch. That's Grala. What a hit. Headed for 14th.

ANNOUNCER: Between Grala and Brandon Jones. He has a little bit of a run on the 11 car. At the same time, he has a car underneath him. Contact's made, and just one of those final lap race [INAUDIBLE] here.

Look at that grass rip that nose off the 24 car. Gets a little air in the process. You see the radiator's torn off. It's what all that smoke and fluid is coming out of. It's a shame to have a car that close to the checkered flag. And now you're going to need a rollback to get it home.

ANNOUNCER: Allgaier did win the battle back to the line for second. Sadler third, Dillon fourth, Hemric fifth, as Logano celebrates. It's his 29th career win in the Xfinity Series. Third time he's done it here. He took them behind a wood shed this afternoon.

INTERVIEWER: Joey Logano climbs from his car. We've got Gatorade flowing everywhere down here right now. Victorious, his signature steering wheel move as he gets out of the race car. Joey, that is one of the most dominating performances we have seen in a long time at a racetrack. How much fun was that to be a part of?

- Yes, a total team effort there. What an amazing American Tires Ford-- oh ho ho. Kind of feels good, actually. Now it's cold.

But what a total team effort, like I said. Great pit stops. Great car. Oh my gosh, it was so good. It's one of those races that you feel relieved when you win. It wasn't like a cheerful one. It was like, man, we're supposed to win when you have a car that fast.

But man, just got to thank, you know, Fitzgerald Glider Kits, Snap-on, Ford, Roush Yates Engines. Amazing. Coca-Cola. Wheels Up. You guys, everyone that goes into this means a lot. And it's been a while since I've been in victory lane, which is not good. But it feels nice to be here and gain a little confidence, gain some momentum and hopefully do this again tomorrow.

- It's good to see you back in victory lane finally, since it has been a little while. Let's talk about a couple restarts from the end. You restarted in 16th. You guys had to stay out earlier on there. You were on old tires, trying to hold those guys off. You opted to get the fresh tires. How nervous were you right there?

- I didn't opt to it. Ryan opted to do that. That was not my thought at all. But, yeah, it ended up working out. I thought we were going to lose more track position than we did. We were able to stay out front, actually, with older tires, which I didn't think we had a chance of doing. So it just shows how fast our car was, and it's an amazing day for everyone. I wish my wife and son was here. Hey guys, they're at home. But good day here so far.