Kevin Harvick wins third straight race | 2018 ISM RACEWAY | FOX NASCAR

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NASCAR Cup Series Highlights: Kevin Harvick continues his domination and takes home the win at ISM Raceway, his third consecutive victory.

ANNOUNCER: So here comes Kevin Harvick, coming to the white flag, trying to win three races in a row for the first time in his career. The white flag waves, one lap to go, sponsored by Credit One Bank.

ANNOUNCER: Just three weeks of dominance. Car down in the corner, nice and smooth. Look at it, not even fighting the wheel, just kind of on cruise control, bringing her to the house.

ANNOUNCER: He hadn't led a lap here in the last three races. Boy, he changed that today.

ANNOUNCER: Off turn four, happy Harvick gets his 40th career win and his ninth in Phoenix.

- How about that, boys.

ANNOUNCER: That's the kind of dominance that I saw our buddy over here, Jeff Gordon, do, the kind of dominance I saw Jimmie Johnson do. And there he is.

ANNOUNCER: I think he gave it a little pat, a little pat.

ANNOUNCER: Gives the back window a smack.

ANNOUNCER: Haha. That's funny.

ANNOUNCER: Haha. Woo hoo. By the way, our computer projection model, [INAUDIBLE], had the top five, not in exact order, but did pick Kevin Harvick to win. Kevin Harvick burning down the house. And Kevin, taking home the checkered flag, is today's Sunoco, fueling victory.

- A double high five to the back glass. Emotion or frustrations running a little high the past four days. What type of message, Kevin, does this performance--

- --is what I've been. I've been mad as all get out, because this team does a great job, this organization does a great job, and we've got fast race cars. And to take that away from those guys just really pissed me off last week.

And you know, to come here to a racetrack that is so good for us is a lot of fun, and everybody was just determined this week. And we just wanted to just go stomp them. We didn't stomp them, but we won. And that's really all that matters.

So I'm just proud of this team. Put a fire in our belly, and just got to thank-- woo, I'm excited. Got to thank everybody from Jimmy Johns, Bush, Ford, Mobil 1, Outback, Hunt Brothers, Morton Buildings, Textron, LiftMaster, Haas Automation. I always forget our owners, Gene Haas and Tony Stewart, but what a bad ass team right there.

- Ninth win here at ISM Speedway. Historically also, you tied another Hall of Famer, Mark Martin, 40 career wins. Those type of performances mean so much to you.

- Yeah, I mean, this really felt more important than winning at Homestead, to race for a championship, just to drive it home for all those supporters out there. And all you haters, I see you.