Erik Jones takes Kenny Wallace for a lap around Las Vegas Motor Speedway

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Erik Jones chats with Kenny Wallace as he pilots a Toyota around Las Vegas Motor Speedway.

NARRATOR: On this week's Riding Shotgun:

- When I get a chance to take a ride around the racetrack with one of the youngest superstars in NASCAR, I'm gonna do it. Erik Jones, 21 years old and taking over the legendary 20 car. How about it, brother?

- Let's do it, man. [INAUDIBLE]

KENNY WALLACE: I'm ready! Let's go! Well, my friend, I know you can get around this race track. You won the 2014 truck race here.

ANNOUNCER: Erik Jones, checkered flag, he does it tonight in Las Vegas.

ERIK JONES: You know, that was a really cool day for me. That was my first mile and a half win. It was right here.

KENNY WALLACE: You're 21. It seems like you've been here forever, though. Have you thought about how much you've done, but how young you are?

- It is kind of wild. I mean, this is my fifth year in NASCAR in competition.

- And you're only 21!

ERIK JONES: Yeah, yeah. I look back on the things I've been able to do and accomplish at this point, and it's crazy to me because it's something that I always wanted to do and always wanted to be a part of. And I think the Cup Series has been the biggest challenge yet to me, for sure. It's really the most I've ever had to put into racing and studying and working and trying to get better each week. And that's been a really, really fun and rewarding experience.

- Explain to me what makes this track unique from other mile and a half's.

- You know, Las Vegas, it's a really high grip track, but it's a really worn out track at the same time. It's got a lot of character. It's really rough down in one and two. And each end, I guess, is in a way, a little bit unique. Getting into one really, really fast. This is just a fast track, in general. But you want to use all the racetrack here-- get way up next the wall.

KENNY WALLACE: Almost touch the wall?

ERIK JONES: Almost touch the wall.

KENNY WALLACE: That can be a little nerve wracking because a car can get loose there. Do you ever get concerned about that?

ERIK JONES: Yeah! Yeah, I do, for sure. I've gotten lose a few times getting in one at Las Vegas.

ANNOUNCER: Look at Jones. That car bobbled big time.

- Take me down into turns three and four.

- Big, sweeping corner all the way through, almost. You get down in here, and there's so much room on entry. You really gotta keep it out wide.


ERIK JONES: And this corner just sweeps around right on exit, and it gets really tight, really quick. So it's pretty hard to get yourself pointed for exit when you're gonna carry that much speed on entry onto that corner.

KENNY WALLACE: This is crazy. This is crazy. Look at that, it's so windy that there's bags and there's trash all over the racetrack. That can make your motor overheat during the race.

- I've never seen Vegas like this.

KENNY WALLACE: Do you feel that, and does that affect you at all?

ERIK JONES: You know, it's crazy. A lot of people ask that, and it does affect you. You feel it a lot.

ANNOUNCER: I believe wind-- that little bit of change in the wind direction is causing these cars to wiggle a little bit coming off turn four.

- A lot of times, it seems like that wind is just pushing you down into turn three. And that corner's already kind of has a tendency to be loose in, and it's just making it worse and worse.

- Erik, I had the time of my life. Thank you, buddy. That was a lot of fun.

- Thanks for coming along.