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NASCAR Camping World Truck Series Highlights: Kyle Busch holds off Johnny Sauter and Brett Moffitt to win at his home track in Las Vegas.

COMMENTATOR 1: One lap to go-- the white flag lap for Kyle Busch. Johnny Sauter right there. Here comes Brett Moffat on the inside, taking a look on Sauter. Moffat inside of Sauter-- that might be just what Kyle Busch needs.

Sauter for second, battling with Moffat. And here comes Kyle Busch. Take it to the pay window and cash it. Kyle Busch wins at Las Vegas!


Kyle Busch-- Kyle has now won here in his hometown in Trucks, Xfinity, and Cup.

COMMENTATOR 2: And he's taking it easy on that engine. Is he burning it down?

COMMENTATOR 3: Is that taking it easy? Is that what that is?

COMMENTATOR 2: That's probably about five or six thousand RPM. Just sorta--

COMMENTATOR 3: Definitely not taking it easy on the tires.

COMMENTATOR 2: No, not at all, but having some fun for these Las Vegas fans that have come here tonight to see this show. And what a show it was.

COMMENTATOR 1: The first time Kyle raced the truck here at Las Vegas, he was 16 years old. Hasn't raced it since. But tonight he climbs up and celebrates the victory.

- Here he is. He climbed out.


- Home town-- home track-- victory.

Kyle, they made you work for this one. Win number 50, and you get it at your hometown in Las Vegas, Nevada. Congratulations.

- Yeah, I appreciate that. It's pretty awesome. You know, just great team-- everybody at Kyle Busch Motorsports-- everybody at Rowdy Manufacturing. I can't say enough about this Cessna Toyota Tundra. I mean, it was really, really fast. I felt like we were just struggling a little bit in the long run, but-- you know-- Hillman kept making changes on it all night long and kept getting it better and better each and every pit stop.

So, you know, thanks to Textron Aviation and Cessna Beechcraft-- Toyota TRD. Tell you what, those Mark Cronquist engines gave us a run for it. Making us all look dumb on the decision we made, but they were fast, so it looked really good to see that.

Thanks to Camping World, and the fans, and of course all these guys-- everybody on my team-- everybody here this weekend. They've done a great job and it's been a lot of fun to win these races, especially with your own team, and being with these guys. We'll go celebrate tonight. And one of our partners here tonight, Incredible Bank, so I appreciate them.

- When you're battling the 16 and then you fend off the 21, how much is offense and how much is defense at a place like this?

- It's-- it's all defense. You know when-- when we had that long run there, I felt like the 16 and I we stayed in good enough line that we just drove away from everybody. You know, the draft kind of helped us kind of get away from everybody. And then I was hoping that somebody would get behind me, and we could just get away and then duke it out. But that was kind of a too short of run there at the end in order to do that.

But when you get out front-- when you get strung out like that-- I was trying to get by the 16. I just-- I couldn't do it. I couldn't pass him. There was nothing I could do. I mean, he could protect just a couple of times on a lap or something like that, and it would totally mess me up and-- and mess up my air for me to be able to get a run on him. And always on the straightaways you can get that run, but it's about what you can do when you get to the corner and get through that corner. So, you know we've got-- we got some work to do to try to be better here. But, all in all, was a strong run and a great night to be in Victory Lane.