Ryan Blaney wins the pole position | 2018 LAS VEGAS | FOX NASCAR

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NASCAR Cup Series Highlights: Check out Ryan Blaney's pole winning lap for the Kobalt 400 at Las Vegas Motor Speedway.

ANNOUNCER: See if he can make up for it through three and four. Car looks good, right down to the bottom.

ANNOUNCER: Man, he did. He sailed that thing in there.

ANNOUNCER: Yeah, just not going to be good enough.

ANNOUNCER: Big handful of wheel, coming off turn four.

ANNOUNCER: Ryan Blaney putting a lap together, two tenths up, going into turn three. Oh, you can see him bobble. Oh no, sorry, that's Logano on the left that bobbled.

ANNOUNCER: Wow, what a lap by Ryan Blaney.

ANNOUNCER: Top of the chart, 28:20.

ANNOUNCER: Fastest lap. Fastest lap of the day.

- Through the three rounds, how much did this track change, especially starting out complete sunlight, and then we got into a lot of shade?

- I think it just got faster, to be honest with you, I think the sun went down, it just gained grip. and they did a great job of adjusting me round and around. You know, that's so important. I think our team does such a good job of getting us better each round, and we definitely did that.

So really cool to have a lot of speed in our Menards Pennzoil Ford Fusion. And good to start out front in this place. The wind was crazy. It kept blowing you around into three.

But really proud of everybody at the Penske team, and cool to get first pole of the season. Hopefully our car will be getting race trim tomorrow and come Sunday.

- Which round was the wind the most challenging?

- I don't know, it was just gusty. You know, it would gust. I felt like I got blown off in the turn three pretty bad, and then the second round, I really didn't feel that bad, like it didn't gust hard there. So it was just kind of random, but luckily for the last one, we didn't get a big gust of wind or nothing that I could feel, and we were able to pull off a pretty decent lap.