Kyle Busch loses tire late after dominating performance | 2018 TRUCK SERIES | FOX NASCAR

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NASCAR Camping World Truck Series Highlights: Kyle led much of the truck race at Atlanta but a mistake on pit road late cost him the win.

ANNOUNCER 1: Leader, Kyle Busch, we heard the debate between the driver and the crew chief. I think they settled on a pound of air out of the left rear. We'll see what they go with. Kyle Busch says he just doesn't want to be tight for this restart. A lot of trouble, though, on that front rear. They're running around to the-- he left. Only two tires for Kyle Busch. Two tires and out for the leader.

ANNOUNCER 2: The right front, they were slow on the right front, and they called for two there instead of four. Originally, they wanted four, but they had to go on the two.

ANNOUNCER 3: I think Kyle Busch called for two. I think with the trouble on the right front, when they dropped that jack, he left.

ANNOUNCER 2: Yeah, yeah. We said you can't afford a mistake, and there's a problem on that right front. You saw the rear. They were working on the left rear, and then Kyle pulled away. And the tire is off, the left rear.

ANNOUNCER 3: That was the audible. Kyle wasn't aware that the crewman had got to the left rear to take his tire off.


ANNOUNCER 3: And he left.

ANNOUNCER 2: And those that didn't want to see Kyle Busch come down to the truck series and win, they're cheering, but--

ANNOUNCER 3: Well, he was a long way from winning this race, even with a good stop. He was going to have a battle on his hands.

ANNOUNCER 2: And just like that, the race changes. Watch this, after they take care of the right front, the left-- on the left rear, there you see waving, saying, no, I don't have them. I don't have the lugs on.

ANNOUNCER 3: Well, no one expected Kyle to go. I think that was just a decision he made on his own when they struggled on the right front. I can win this race on two tires, and I'm leaving. He didn't realize the left rear had been worked on.

ANNOUNCER 2: Yeah, and I think he had zero lug nuts, obviously, on the left rear of that tire. He knows there's a problem. They've told him that they have no lug nuts on the left rear, and there, the tire comes off.