Kevin Harvick cruises to the win in Atlanta | 2018 NASCAR XFINITY SERIES | FOX NASCAR

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Kevin Harvick dominates the Folds of Honor QuickTrip 500 and takes home his fifth win at Atlanta.

ANNOUNCER 1: White flag is in the air. One lap to go, sponsored by CreditOne Bank. A lot of Atta Boys inside the top 10. Guys like Bell, Nemechek, Cindric, Benjamin, Ryan Truex.

But no one had anything for Kevin Harvick. Strong effort for the 98. He has done it again. For the fifth time in his career, Kevin Harvick is a winner. He does it today at Atlanta Motor Speedway.

ANNOUNCER 2: Pretty impressive that he's got enough tires to do burnouts with, right? After slipping and sliding like he was.

ANNOUNCER 1: I think he was slipping and sliding just a little less than everybody else today. He made it look easy.

- Woo!


INTERVIEWER: And the Busch beer flies. His fifth win in the Xfinity Series here. Kevin, four different teams, rule changes, different years, younger drivers, yet you continue the domination. How do you do it?

- It's just been a really good place for me, and obviously, getting my first cup win here and being able to, you know, run good cars throughout the years. And you know, the racetrack has stayed very similar to what it's been for a number of years.

And I think, as you look at the techniques and the things that I do-- that I do in the car, and they gave me what I want in the car as far as the feel, and it just applies here. So it's been a great race track for us. I was frustrated last year here. We didn't leave here with a trophy-- sorry. We didn't leave you with a trophy on either day, and that's always our goal, is to win one day.

We just got to thank Hunt Brothers Pizza, Fields, Haas, Ford, Jimmy Johns, Busch, Mobil 1, Morton Buildings, Textron Off Road, Ollie's, Lift Master-- everybody who puts all this effort into this Xfinity program. Last year was our first race here together as a team. And on the racetrack, it was our second race total. Cole ran Daytona.

So they've done a great job at Stewart-Haas Racing. Got to thank Gene Haas and Joe Custer. Fred and Bill, you know, DenBeste and Biagi, and everybody who works on this thing. It's a great day.

- Kevin, coming into this race this year, everybody's talking about the pit crews. A lot of nerves about the new choreography, being down a man. They're saying in cup if they get 16 seconds, they'll be happy. Your pit crew today will be with you tomorrow. They nailed it today. 14.4 seconds. What kind of motivation does that give you going into tomorrow?

- Well, the good thing is they've had a lot of reps. And we had class reps. We had reps in the qualifying race, Daytona 500. They pitted on Saturday last week, they pitted on Saturday this week, and they're just doing a really good job.

Those guys are pretty athletic and they practice hard and have done a great job over the last couple of years of getting this car on an off-pit road. So as long as I don't screw it up going too fast, they do really good making the pit stops.