Kyle Busch crashes early after tire failure | 2018 DAYTONA 500 | FOX NASCAR

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NASCAR Cup Series Highlights: Kyle Busch suffers 2 left rear tire failures and heavy damage early in the race.

COMMENTATOR 1: What's happened to Kyle Busch?

COMMENTATOR 2: I think something with a tire. Left rear tire's flat.

COMMENTATOR 1: That's it.

COMMENTATOR 3: I don't know if he had a rub or what.

VOICE ON MIC: Yeah. Left rear is down. Just don't tear the quarter panel part.

COMMENTATOR 1: Now we stay green.

VOICE ON MIC: Left side. Gas [INAUDIBLE] only gas. Gas leak and only gas. Left side.

COMMENTATOR 1: Kyle Busch was in fifth place.

COMMENTATOR 3: Boy, he did an amazing job not to go up onto the banking. Look at him working the wheel from inside. That's just saving that car.

VOICE ON MIC: Left rear flat, guys. [INAUDIBLE]

COMMENTATOR 1: So Kyle Busch is on pit road as the field goes up into turn three.

COMMENTATOR 3: Mike, that's the tire that they seem to work with the most air pressure wise. We saw that happen to Jimmy Johnson, you know, in the qualifying race. I'm not sure what happened here. But I know low air pressure will do that.

COMMENTATOR 2: Mike, remember they took fuel only the first stop. But when he was entering his pit box, the team was concerned that Kyle Busch might have slid his left side tire. They told him to keep abreast of that in case he picked up a vibration. He didn't say anything until the tire went flat.

COMMENTATOR 1: Second caution of the day. Kyle Busch has cut down another left rear tire. It sent him spinning up in turn number three. Also trouble for Jamie McMurray, with a right front. And DJ Kennington, both on pit road. May have run over some of the debris. Let's ride with Kyle Busch here.

VOICE ON MIC: Off the back of the car a little bit for the [INAUDIBLE]. I'll take it. [INAUDIBLE] Well, we're wrecked guys. We're wrecked.

COMMENTATOR 1: Kyle Busch that caught Kennington as he went around.