Bobby Labonte & Jeff Hammond break down the new 5-person pit crew rule

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The 'NASCAR Raceday' crew break down the new rule shrinking pit crew from 6 members down to 5 and how it will effect the Daytona 500.

- We're ready to go racing. Now one other huge difference this year involves the way the pit stops go. The number of people over the wall for a pit crew has gone from 6 to 5. And Jeff, granted, that's only one less guy over the pit wall, but it's a big difference.

- It really is. Last year they had those two tire carriers, and they were able to help the tire changers. And now that they've taken one of those away, it's really forced the jack man to basically be able to play a couple of different positions. You will see during the course of the day, you will see some guys carrying two tires. Others, you're going to see the front tire changer carrying his own tire. But you will see the jack man help the tire changers. And you might see a tire changer jump up and let the jack down.

These pit crews have changed the choreography so much since last year. And it's all because NASCAR won't allow the gas man to help any way, shape, or form. So it's almost like they took a second person, whereas last year, he could help a little bit. This year, he can't do anything but gas the car. It's going to challenge these guys. And folks, you are actually going to see slower pit stops, definitely between four to five seconds slower.

- And let's not forget, that's about 150 pounds worth of tire if you're carrying two of them around.

- Exactly right.

- These are tremendous athletes.