Here is exactly what the atmosphere is like for a driver before the Daytona 500

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Hear from your favorite Cup Series drivers about what it's like in the hours leading up the Daytona 500.

- The atmosphere before the 500 is huge.

- It's probably one of the busiest days that we'll have all year long.

- Well, the Daytona 500 always draws in a lot of celebrities. There's always people that you don't see every weekend at the racetrack.

- There's just so much excitement around this race.

- This is obviously one of the biggest crowds that we have all year, so you have to allow a little bit more time to get to each of your destinations.

- I remember the first time walking out on the pit road and seeing all the people in the infield, and the concerts going, and the way the intros were, and all this stuff. It was crazy.

- Celebrities and musicians, all of that's going on, and then just the overall excitement for the start of the season.

- Every CEO from every sponsor comes to the Daytona 500 to be a part of it.

- And the butterflies are flying.

- Start your engines!

- People want to see a big event, and you wind up with a bunch of executives, a bunch of appearances, meet and greets, and things happening. So it's a busy morning, but it's the Daytona 500.