Austin Cindric crashes out early at Daytona | 2018 NASCAR XFINITY SERIES

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NASCAR Xfinity Series Highlights: Austin Cindric gets loose in turn 2 and spins into the wall, giving damage to Christopher Bell in the process.

- Brad, what is it like for him to be dealing with this kind of track at these speeds as he's the meat in the sandwich getting bobbed down. And he crashes.

- There it goes. Oh, no. Big trouble. Yeah, we talked about a couple of slide or maybe three. It's going to eventually go wrong, and it finally did. He was very loose. Very loose.

Well, this is definitely not the day he was looking for. And sometimes this is how you learn.

- You OK?

- Yeah, I'm fine. [INAUDIBLE] doing that last ten. I'm sorry guys. Not sure what I can do there.

- He's going to share that 60 car in 2018 with Ty Majeski and Chase Brisco. But he'll run full time for Rookie of the Year because he'll go over to Team Penske, run the 12 and 22. Unfortunately, an early end of the day here for Austin Cindric and heavy damage as well for Brandon Jones. And another rookie, Christopher Belle, got a piece of that. Here's a look back.

- So you could see this coming, Michael, that he's already loose. And if you get somebody on your right side, especially off of turn four with that wind blowing, you're in trouble. And he got one bobble, saved it. Another bobble, and the car is just really light for him right now. And he just lost it.

- You've got to tip your cat to Suarez. He saw the issues that Cindric was having. He flared up, gave him plenty of room, but Austin just couldn't keep his car going straight. And, Brad, he said on the radio, I don't really know what I could have done there. What advice would you give your quasi teammate about what he could have done differently?

- Well, at this point, you know you're struggling. There's not a lot you're going to do other than just lift. And give up spots and try to get it into the pit road and survive another lap and hopefully catch a break to work on your car.

- You know a lot of times, Adam, when you're lose like that, you get tense. And you start over driving the car because you're so anticipating it's going to spin out on you and that adds to your problems.

- I've often said you've got to be strong mentally to be successful at this style of racing. I go back to last year when he was competing for you. Involved in an early crash in the truck races, his only experience here. Does that weigh on his mind at all?

- Oh, that definitely weighs on your mind. And this type of racing, look it's tough. It's really tough. You want to trim your car out to be as fast as it can be. And sometimes when you do that, they make them hard to drive. He had a great qualifying effort up in the top 12. So that team obviously had that car trimmed out. And then as a rookie, knowing what positions you can be in and what positions you can't be in is critical.